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Ingeborg Bachmann

Ingeborg Bachmann (1926–1973) was an Austrian poet and author. She studied philosophy, psychology, German philology, and law at the universities of Innsbruck, Graz, and Vienna. In 1949, she received her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Vienna. In 1953, she moved to Rome, Italy, where she spent the large part of the following years working on poems, essays and short stories as well as opera libretti in collaboration.

英格博格-巴赫曼(1926—1973), 奥地利诗人,曾就读于因斯布鲁克大学、卡尔-弗朗岑斯大学以及维也纳大学,学习哲学心理学、德国哲学和法律,并于1949年获维也纳大学哲学博士学位。1953年移居意大利罗马并开始诗歌创作。她著有多部诗集。


Wang Yixiao


Wang Yixiao, pen name Yi Xiao. She has published two books of poetry, including Singing of Time (2011) and Never Forget the Paths We've Taken. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, including Poetry Selected in China. She lives in GuangZhou, China.

Darkness Spoken


Like Orpheus I play Death on the strings of life, and to the beauty of earth and your eyes, which administer heaven, I can only speak of darkness. Don't forget that you also, suddenly, On that morning when your camp was still damp with dew, and a carnation slept on your heart, you saw the dark stream race past you. The string of silence Taut on the pulse of blood, I grasped your beating heart. Your curls were transformed into the shadow hair of night, black flakes of darkness buried your face. And I don't belong to you. Both of us mourn now. But like Orpheus I knew life on the side of death, and the deepening blue of your forever closed eye.


就像俄耳浦斯,我 在生命的弦上弹奏死亡, 对着大地的美和 你的眼睛,掌管天堂的眼睛, 我只能诉说黑暗。 别忘记,曾经,突然地, 在那个早晨,当你的营地 仍然因露水而潮湿,一株康乃馨 在你心中沉睡, 你看到黑暗的溪流 从你面前淌过。 静默之弦 绷紧在血的波浪间, 我握住你跳动的心。 你的卷发变换为 夜的黑发般的阴影 黑暗的黑雪花 埋葬了你的面容。 我不属于你。 此刻我俩哀痛不已。 但是就如俄耳浦斯,我 在死亡的那一边懂得了生命, 你那永远闭阖的眼睛 越来越蓝。

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