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Ge Duo


Ge Duo is the penname of Wang Xu, who was born in Beizhang Village in the suburb of Beijing in 1975. He is a poet and novelist. He has written two full-length novels: Him, The Thinker on the Toilet, a book of essays, Stories of the Village, two poetry collections, Kafka's Raven, The Riverbed Strewn with Pebbles: Selected Poems of Ge Duo (1999-2014). His poetry and prose works appeared in many Chinese poetry journals and selections.


Peter Feng


Peter Feng was born in Chongqing, China, in 1979. He has received a Ph.D degree in literature from Nanjing University and currently teaches English at Jinan University. He has translated The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath (2013), The Web and the Rock (2011), A Journey through the Chinese Empire (2006), and co-written a book of poems: Cruel Raven (2011). His study includes poetry, psychoanalysis, and contemporary philosophy.


An Archeology of the Sea

在小镇上蛰伏,没有奇遇 黄昏,与卡夫卡散步。没有 海鱼的消息,只好去超市 人海里,在铁皮罐头的图标上 那条沙丁鱼独自摇摆着尾鳍 啊,大海,他忍不住想抒情 而另一个海洋已从内心 涌出,向他卷来骸骨。


Living in seclusion in town, no adventure walked with Kafka at dusk. No news of marine fishes, so he went to the supermarket and plunged into the crowd. The sardine on the trademark of the tin can waved his lonely fin O, Sea! He couldn't help lyricizing while another sea poured out from his heart, rolling skeletons toward him.

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