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Yuan Liang


Yuan Liang was born in Chongqing, China. He moved to Shanghai with his parents while he attended elementary school. He graduated from Fudan University and holds graduate degrees from two American universities. He is a member of PoetrySky Poets Association and he has published a book of poetry Beneath the Wall of April (2009), Homesick of Time (2010), The Primitive Corner (2011), The Silent Color (2012), Arriving Season (2013), and Sun Wheel (2014). He lives in Southern California.


Yuan Liang



湖上的小船 拖着夕阳的燕尾 芦花深处 白色水鸟成群飞出 一支舞曲中 溪水在大山脚下涌动 往事是湖底的遗址 船头撩开雾霭的白布帘 感受到水下的古城 夕阳,一盏将要熄灭的烛灯 照着一把苍翠的山椅 记忆的笔触 树叶的影子在晃动 风的手指直抵心的琴弦 拨出岁月的乐音 一个故事猛然醒来 从书中南方 槐花的香气走出 黄昏的云像一群金鹿 衔着阳光的最后一行诗 涌向你头顶的雪山


A boat on the lake its coattail dragging the sunset Deep in reed catkins white waterfowls fly out in a line dance a stream surges at the foot of the mountain The past lies at the bottom of the lake The bow draws a curtain of white mist feeling the ancient city underwater The sunset, a candle light burning out shines on a green hill chair Memory strokes The shadow of the leaves sway The wind’s finger touches the heart strings Stirring the music of age A story suddenly wakes walking out of a book from the South in the scent of locust tree flowers The evening clouds like a herd of deer holding in its mouth the last poetic line of sunshine flock to the snowy mountain of your hair

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