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Na Lang Rong Ruo


Na Lang Rong Ruo was born in 1963. He is the editor-in-chief of Luoyuan Bay Literature. His work appeared in Chinese Literature and many others.


Na Lang Rong Ruo


Live Like A Rose

像月季花一样活着,充满活力 把时间踩在脚下,戴花云游四季, 沿途把蔷薇属的花枝,以橄榄枝 和平的名义,授予熟悉或不熟悉的人 移植在被生活的利刃割裂的伤口上 形成一道形而上的防护林 挡住暗处射来的箭,挡住含沙射影的侵袭 让他或她,在生命必须经历的 或暧或寒,乍暧还寒的时域里 以不同的花色涂改私人领地 或鲜红,或淡红,或蓝或黄 涂上漫山遍野的花繁叶茂 即使在杀声四起万物凋零的秋天 也有资格与菊花分庭抗礼 像拈花的佛,微笑、淡定,参禅打坐


Live like a rose, full of energy Take my time wandering through seasons Collect rosa sprays like olive branches And in the name of peace Hand them to everyone Transplant them into the wounds cut by life's blade Become a protective forest Block arrows from the dark and invasions of innuendo Let him or her, in the warm or cold they must live Cover the canvas bright red, pink, blue, or yellow With leaves and blossoms across hills and dales Even in autumn when all things fade Still rivaling the chrysanthemum Like Buddha picking flowers, smiling, calm, meditating

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