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Xu Mi


Xu Mi was born on Leizhou Peninsular in Guangdong, China, in 1984. He earned his MA degree in Philosophy from Tongji University. He has written a number of poetical texts, including The Zen Bird & Darkly Dwells the Pendulum (Changjiang Literature Publishing House, 2014), Trilogy of the Body (Map of the Body, Dwelling in Things, Darkly Swings the Pendulum, Pulsasir Publishing, 2013).


Peter Feng


Peter Feng was born in Chongqing, China, in 1979. He has received a Ph.D degree in literature from Nanjing University and currently teaches English at Jinan University. He has translated The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath (2013), The Web and the Rock (2011), A Journey through the Chinese Empire (2006), and co-written a book of poems: Cruel Raven (2011). His study includes poetry, psychoanalysis, and contemporary philosophy.



鸟飞出去 又飞了回来 那5毫克 的忧伤 累坏了翅 卡在飞回来 与飞出去之间


The bird flies out And back again That 5-milligram Grieving Wing, exhausted Caught between Flying out And back again


Now 26

他不说话 坐在一群人当中 耳边尽是 变形的颜色 不知何时 他看见自己 从窗外走过 手中的茶已凉


He is silent Sitting in a crowd Ears surrounded by Changing colors Time passes He sees himself Passing by his window As tea Turns cold in his hand

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