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Renfeng Zhu


Renfeng Zhu was born in Jinxian County, Jiangxi Province. Pen name Dan Shui. She is a council member of Nanchang Poetry Association, a member of Nanchang Writers Association, and a member of Nanchang Literary Criticism Association. She was the editor of New and Vigorous Poetry, and Contemporary Poet, and has received many poetry awards.


Fang Song


Fang Song was born in Jinxian County, Jiangxi Province. She teaches at The Third Middle School of Jinxian County.


Imagine Some Sweet Things

我们不说雷霆、风雨,寒霜 冷月,以及那些秘而不宣的伤心往事 多说阳光、白云,花香、鸟语 和天空下已经长大的孩子 说起这些,眼眶里便已泪水滚动 说完这些,才发现一生 只余下不多的时间 现在,在这不多的时间里 除了继续低头生活 还可以写写小诗,听听歌曲 看看夕阳,想一想某个人 并还可以对着远方那盏不眠的灯火 想象一些亲爱的事物 当月光温柔地亲吻大地、山川、湖水 她像朵不肯开败的花,坐在微风中 脸上闪过羞涩的笑


Don't refer to thunders, storms, rime, the silver moon, And the sorrowful past that we all avoid referring to. More talk about sunshine,white cloud, the flower fragrance, the birds' whisper, And the children who have grown up under the blue sky. Speaking of these, the tears are rolling in the eyes; When we've done the talking, we just realize That the rest time of our lives is so little. Now , in the little time Besides living prudently We still can write some poems, listen to some songs, watch the sun setting, miss someone in your heart, And image some sweet things Staring at the lighting lamp in the distance. When the silver moon gently kisses the earth, the mountains, lakes, She flashed a bashful smile in the face Just like a flower blooming in the breeze.

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