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Bei Ta


Originally named Xu Weifeng, born in Suzhou, China in 1969.  He serves for National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature as a professional poet, critic and translator.  He is the author of the poetry collection The Rusting Hour Hands (2002).  His academic works include A Biography of Mi Wu (1999) and A Biography of Dai Wangshu (2003).  His translations include Eight Lessons (2004), Milosz ABC (2004), A Selection of Li Qing’s Poetry, etc.


Bei Ta


The Spider(2)

趁黑纱尚未蒙蔽我的眼睛 昏黄中这一线命运的绳索 还依稀分明,我要忙着 织完这尘埃中的生活 蚊子不厌其繁地朗诵打油诗 我无暇聆听 飞蛾在光明中寻找光明 我无心点破 时间如星光 从网眼里无声地滴漏 我只一心一意 纺织这尘埃中的生活 梦一样长的丝线啊 何时才有个尽头 在我忙乱的脚步里 哪里有不可更改的目的 一只巨大的甲壳虫 摧毁了我丝线一样长的梦 从空中坠落在地的,还有这 我正在尘埃中编织的生活


While the morning-band has not beclouded my eyes While the cord of the Fates is still dimly evident In the dusk, I am busy In twining the life in dust Mosquitoes are not tired of reciting doggerels again and again I am immaculate to respectively listen to them Moths are looking for sunshine in sunshine I am not intent to bluntly point it out Time is like starlight Soundlessly trickling from reticulations I only hold the undivided attention To weave the life in dust Oh, when will the silk thread As long as a dream be ended In my bustling steps Where is the unchangeable purpose A gigantic beetle Has destroyed my dream that is as long as the silk thread What has dropped from the sky to the earth also includes The life I am weaving in dust

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