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Edgar Dive


Edgar Dive studied at the London School of Economics and the Australian National University. He now lives in Hong Kong.


Edgar Dive


Summer Nights

我听见雨点痛击地面的喧嚣, 听见闷雷在夜空中隐隐作响, 地上的积水泛滥, 不知流向何方。 原来这便是 漫长夏季的开始。 我想起街口曾经盛放的洋紫荆, 想起女生们的笑语曾在树下飘过, 还有那春风与晨光的气味, 然而下午的炎热告诉我, 现在已经是 漫长夏季的开始。 这骤雨之后会有些阴凉, 那也不错;还有夜一贯的沉默, 偶尔露面的月亮;游荡的星 或许会陪伴我的心思飘泊。 原来这便是 漫长夏季的开始。 注:洋紫荆是香港常见的树木,花开得很密,一般 三丶四月就谢了,但有少数能坚持到六月。

I hear the noisy raindrops hitting the ground, And the muffled thunder rumbling in the night sky. The water on the ground overflows, Know not where to go. So this is the beginning Of the long summer season. I recall the bauhinia in bloom on the street corner, And the giggles of schoolgirls left under it, And the freshness of the morning light and spring winds, Yet the heat in the afternoon tells me, Now it is the beginning Of the long summer season. After the storm, it should be cool, Which is nice; there's also the moon That may appear sometimes, and the usual silence of the night; The roving stars might accompany my roving thoughts. So this is the beginning Of the long summer season. Note: Bauhinia - bauhinia blakeana, also known as the Hong Kong orchid tree. Its flowering season usually begins around December and closes in March, with some trees in bloom as late as June.

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