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Ben Kiang

Ben Kiang was a native of Yantai,Shangdong,China. He moved to Hong Kong in his childhood with his parents and graduated from Hong Kong Chinese University. He has lived in the United States for many years and now lives in Qingdao,China.



Ben Kiang


An Ant Has Tears

我在奇怪 蚂蚁到底有没有眼泪 因我从未见过蚂蚁哭泣 我奇怪为什么 可能蚂蚁没有眼泪 可能蚂蚁也有眼泪 经过了千千万万年 他的眼泪已经哭不出来了 我相信蚂蚁有眼泪 就像我相信我们都有眼泪 也许千千万万年以后 我们的眼泪也哭不出来 人与蚂蚁, 静静地 同坐在岸边

And I wonder Has an ant tears? As I have never seen an ant cry And I always wonder why Maybe an ant has no tears Maybe an ant has tears Ten of thousand years have passed by He cannot cry the tears no more I believe ants have tears As I believe we all have tears Maybe tens of thousands years later We cannot cry the tears no more Man and ant, sit silent, On ocean shore

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