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Cheng'en Li


Cheng'en Li, born in 1980’s, member of Fujian Writers Association. She has published six books of poetry and has received a number of literary awards, including Taiwan Yehong poetry prize for women. She is regarded as one of the ten important poets born in 1980’s.


Hua Wei


Hua Wei, born in 1972, a poetry translator who graduated from Nanjing University in 1994 and now works in a vocational and technical college. He began to translate poetry since 2005 and has translated many poems for poets in China and other countries.


Passing Through the Western Regions

我对沙说话,沙答应我 江南夜色下的嘴唇吐出细沙 我的牙是一弯新月 照耀我的城堡,那是遗弃的 或者我小小年纪本就陌生的 城堡,通过沙漏一点一滴穿过的 日月,我怎么能绕得开向我包围 过来的西域呢? 西域多雪,多沙,多风 我对雪说话,雪答应还我一身洁白 我对沙说话,沙答应在我的额头上 筑起一座城堡 我对风说话,风答应吹走 我脚下的遗骨 我在黎明醒来,雪、沙、风 这三件闪光的器物在我的手上汇聚 像我抚摸过的东西 在夜里飞起来,在黎明 却静如一缕晨光,在我手心 婴儿一样光滑 我洗雪,洗雪山的骨骼 我吃沙,吃得满嘴的欢叫 我捧着西域的风,整个西域 都伸手可见,好像要抓破了 唐僧俊美的面容


I say to the sand, which promises me the lips of Jiangnan night spit fine sand my teeth are a new crescent moon shining on my castle, one deserted or just strange to me at my early age my castle, grains of sand passing through it like an hourglass how can I bypass the western regions which surround me? The western regions are snowy, sandy and windy I speak to snow, it promme purity I speak to sand, it promises to build a castle on my forehead I speak to the wind, it promises to blow away the bony remains beneath my feet I wake up at dawn; snow, sand and wind these three shining things gather in my hand like things I have caressed they fly up in the night, yet at dawn they're silent like a ray of morning light as smooth as an infant in my palm I wash snow, I wash snowy hills of bones I eat sand, I eat with mouthfuls of delightful I hold the wind of the west the whole region comes into sight trying to scratch Tang Seng's handsome face

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