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Lin Mang


Born in November 1949. He went to primary and high school in Beijing. In 1969 he went to Bai Yang Dian, beginning to write poetry and became one of the key members of Bai Yang Dian Poetry Group. He taught in high school and college in Beijing until he worked for China Writers' Association in 1992. He also writes non-fiction and poetry critical articles. His publications include I flow over the land, Lin Mang's Poetry, Eternal Instants, Short Poems by Lin Mang, The Light Penetrating Years. He has edited a number of poetry anthologies. He is a member of China Writers' Association,one of the directors of China Poetry Association and Beijing Writers' Association. He is one of the key editors of Poetry Exploration and Poetry Magazine. He works for Poetry Magazine in Beijing.



An American poet. He has taught and traveled in Asia and Europe.


Jin Lei

Jin Lei is a native of Yunnan Providence in China. She studied in the United States for a few years.



Downpour in a Small Town

清晨,屋外正在落雨 室内幽暗 在我久居的院落深处 雨水滴嗒 打湿了我窗前的老树和葡萄藤 悠然间我想起 那夏日里曾客居的外省小城 早市的喧闹把我从睡意中唤醒 沿滴水的店铺屋檐 我走过早市的街巷 人流在伞的下面 在毗连的木屋檐下 在异乡的语音中 一条平缓而从容的溪水 从这条巷到那条巷 渐渐地 从沉甸甸的装满青菜的提篮里 从一丛丛淌着水滴的花束中 雨水霏霏,溶入一片江南画屏 当我沿早市的街巷 走回我客居的小屋 这外省小城和一束鲜花的幽香 给我留下了深深的温情 连雨水也那样亲切 有如我北方的家 晚饭后院落中的寂静 小女儿一整天玩得疲倦了 在初睡中喃喃梦呓 有时雨水就是在这时滴落在葡萄架上 一丝凉意正浸入夏夜的深处 有如那束晚香玉所唤起的


Dawn breaks to rain outdoors And indoors it is dark Drumming rain Wets the old tree and the grapevine outside my window Back in the courtyard that has long been my home And my thoughts turn To a summer's day spent in a small town in another province When the noise of the morning market woke me from slumber I walked through market streets Whose shop eaves dripped with rain Packed with people under umbrellas Under abutting eaves of wooden houses Amid the accents of another place A brimming gentle stream Going gradually From one street to the next Through handbaskets laden with greens And dripping bunches of flowers Fused by pouring rain into a painted southern screen And the little town in another province With its aroma of cut flowers Warmed me deeply as I walked Back to my narrow lodgings With intimacy even of rain As if after supper in the still courtyard Of my northern home My daughter tired with daylong play Murmured in the somniloquy of first sleep And sometimes now raindrops on the vine trellis Infuse cool deep into a summer's night Like those tuberoses calling

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