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H. Philip Hsieh


H. Philip Hsieh, author of a chemical engineering reference book published by Elsevier, is retired and devotes his time to writing (poetry in both Chinese and English and interviewing contemporary American poets), translation and Chinese calligraphy.


T. C. Lee

李作昌,1936 年生于江西南昌市。1957年毕业于台大电机系,1964年于斯坦佛大学电机系获博士学位。之后在美国高科技工业界从事研发工作长达三十八年。退休以后,重拾年轻时对诗的喜爱,开始写作发表。

T. C. Lee was born in Nanchang, Kiangsi, China 1936. He graduated with B. S. degree from National Taiwan University and from Stanford University with Ph. D in 1964, both in Electrical Engineering. Then he worked in R&D with the high tech industry in US for thirty eight years. After retirement he devoted his long hobby and love in poetry and starting writing poems for several magazines.

人力三轮车夫,在印度 —— 斋普尔游记

Pedicab Driver at India — Jaipur Tour

把我漆黑 发亮的手 拉成三轮车手把 把我的腿 卷成干瘪的轮胎 再用我的身子 超载 游客的幸福 当前途的坡度 高过我的腰的弯度时 我便下车拉 借用青春 使劲地拉 拉到连我的影子 也模糊成 路边的尘土 随机的滚滚 车潮人潮 把我蜂巢似的 过活空间 推挤成 齿轮的轧轧声 不像别人 我没有喇叭 发出内心的呐喊 只能以 认命的手势 比一比 或者 自言自语 直到我 低头捡回 掉落在这一片 溷沌中的自在


Take these pitch dark, shining hands of mine and turn them into the handles of a pedicab. Roll my spinning legs into parched, brittle tires. Then use my body again overloaded for the happiness of clients With the slope ahead steeper than my warped waistline, I come off my seat, pulling the damned thing, pulling overdrawing every ounce of my youth. Until my shadow finally succumbs, blurring into the dust on the roadside. Throngs of people and cars shove my hivelike living space, into the noise of grinding gears. Unlike others I own no horns To scream my inner thoughts. All I can do is use my hands, to compete. Or mutter to myself until with lowered head I rise and collapse into a tangled ease.

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