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Xing Xu


Xing Xu, was born in 1962 in Mianyang, Sichuan. His literary works appeared in numerous literary journals and media in China and abroad, including Beijing Literature, Singtao Daily and many others and he has received a number of literary awards. He lives in Mianyang, Sichuan.


Michael Wang

原名黄文杰。1967年出生于新加坡,1987年毕业于新加坡工艺学院。1995年开始在新加坡《赤道风》等刊物发表作品。从1997年至2009年因一些原因停笔。 2009年至今在随笔南洋网等媒体发表文章。

Born in Singapore in 1967, graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 1987. He began to publish literary works since 1995. He stopped writing between 1997 and 2009 and began to publish literary works again since 2009.


Logic of Still Life

想象一个午后或者黄昏 那些冲动的阳光和雨水就长出来 长满我尖叫的身体 迟到的季节 如风吹杨柳 爱情多么美好 窗外 一片片忧伤的落叶 正敲打着你即将死去的深秋 而静止的花朵之上 一只陶罐 已开始慢慢苍老……


Imagine an afternoon or an evening Surging sunshine and rain grow Filling my screaming body, the late season Like wind whispering in the willow, what lovely romance Outside the window, leaves fall sadly, one by one knocking upon your dying, late autumn On top of a still flower An earthen pot already growing old



樱桃有些黯淡 河道里 水很奇缺 风声 不经意间 已陆续爬满紧张的额头 在那些初放的格桑花面前 眼睛 总是惭愧无比 我这样赤裸地看自己 究竟多少次 我已不完全记得了 只是 那些残存的微笑 每次 都让我真实地回到自己 然后喝一大碗咂酒 继续生活


A dim look of cherry In the river, lack of water, the whisper of wind unintentionally clambering up my forehead Eyes always full of shame Facing the blooming sims azalea Unable to recall how many times I've looked at myself naked Only those surviving smiles, every time Return me truly to myself I down a large bowl of liquor and continue living

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