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Yan Li


Poet, painter, fiction writer, born in 1954 in Beijing, China. He is a member of a vanguard artist group "The Stars" founded in 1979 and an underground literary group "Today" in Beijing. As a poet, he is regarded as one of the members of the Misty Poets. He came to US in 1985 and founded quarterly journal Yi-Hang in New York in 1987. His poems have been translated into French, Italian, English, Swedish, Korean and German. He has held many exhibitions and published a number of books. He lives in Shanghai and New York.


Denis Mair

Poet and translator. He is a co-translator of Frontier Taiwan (Columbia). His book of poems Man Cut in Wood was published by Valley Contemporary Press in 2003. He has lectured on the I CHING at the Temple School of Poetry (Walla Walla).

诗人和中英文翻译。 曾翻译了很多中国现代诗人的作品介绍给美国的诗坛,曾任美国西北部诗刊《诗庙》的编辑。他是美国哥伦比亚大学出版社出版的有关台湾的“前沿”一书的翻译者之一。他还曾在《寺庙》创办的诗人学校里讲课。他的个人诗集《刻在木头里的人》2003年由美国当代山谷出版社出版。

Paulette Roberts

Born in the United States in 1964. Learned Chinese during 1984-1985 at The People’s University of China, Beijing. Received Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College, New York. Won Sophia Chen Zen Memorial Prize for the best thesis in Asian Studies and The Diligent Student Award from Vassar College. She lives in New York.

1964年出生于美国。1984至1985在中国北京的人民大学学习中文。1986年获得纽约凡萨大学艺术学士学位。1982年获得中文学习优秀学生奖。 1986年获得凡萨大学Sophia Chen Zen纪念奖。现居纽约。


The Bright Sunday Sunlight

星期天的阳光明媚 我们几乎把露天咖啡馆 坐成了度假的沙滩 我们谈到了美妙的生命和爱情 甚至谈到的死亡也是浪漫的 我们谈到了 自杀者到了另一个世界之后 如果再自杀一次 就又回到了这个世界 星期天的阳光啊 真他妈的太明媚 2003

In the bright Sunday sunlight we sit in the garden cafe talking about death and travel about suicide from this world to another after the dead arrive in the other world they return to this one with another suicide The bright Sunday sunlight It’s really damn bright Translated by Denis Mair

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