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Yao Feng


Born in Beijing and now is lecturing in the University of Macau. He has published a number of volumes of poetry and poetry translation, including Selecta de Poetas Portugueses Contemporaneos (1999), Poemas de Eugénio de Andrade (2004), A Noite Deita-se Comigo (2001). His poems have been selected for many different poetry anthologies.


Christopher (Kit) Kelen

Christopher (Kit) Kelen is an Associate Professor at the University of Macau in south China, where he has taught Literature and Creative Writing for the last seven years. The most recent of Kelen’s seven volumes of poetry Eight Days in Lhasa was published by VAC in Chicago in 2006. A volume of Macao poems Dredging the Delta is forthcoming from Cinnamon Press in the U.K.

客远文,现任澳门大学社会人文学院英文系副敎授,在过去的七年一直在澳大教授文学及创意写作。他近期的出版包括由芝加哥VAC出版社出版的《在拉撒的八天》。另外,亦将由英国的出版社Cinnamon Press出版其澳门诗集《Dredging the Delta》。

Jenny Oliveros Lao

Jenny Oliveros Lao has a degree in Tourism Studies and an MBA from the Inter-University Institute of Macau. She is currently a freelance translator, interpreter and lecturer in English. Aside from works of poetry translation, Jenny has also published her first novella The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac (2006). She is currently completing her MA thesis in Theatre and Drama and her first book of poetry.

海旋 ,原名刘钰馨,澳门旅游管理学士及工商管理硕士,现为澳门理工学院兼职英语讲师,同时亦从事翻译及中英传译工作。除诗歌翻译外,于去年出版短篇小说 《十二生肖传说》,目前正在完成其文学硕士论文及首本个人诗集。

Agnes Vong



在骨灰盒里 我的每一粒骨灰还保存着炉膛的余热 鲜花簇拥,对人世我恋恋不舍 我听见,哀乐沉重徐缓 亲人节制但悲痛地抽泣 来宾在鞠躬时骨胳和衣服发出细微的声响 大公无私,光明磊落,低音的悼词 删除了我一生中的瑕疵 在悼词的停顿之间,我更听见了 站在最后一排右数第三个女人的低哭 突然间,骨灰盒闪出火光 那是我化悲痛为力量 每一粒骨灰又燃烧了一回

inside the urn my ash still warm bunches of flowers reluctant to part listening to serious slow sad music the family sobbing too loud guests bowed bones, clothes rustled how selfless, open, above-board the memorial speech low-pitched all the flaws removed from my life in a break I heard this woman weeping third from the right, last row then the urn burst into flame that was my power kindled from grief that was my ash burnt again (Translated by Agnes Vong and Christopher Kelen)


Time Has Already Worn Out

这么多值得去爱的人 但我只有一个一生 只有一个身体 而我已是一列破旧的火车 正向废铁堆积的地方驶去 一生多么短暂,匆忙,盲目 动物般的生存细节总是把我纠缠 总是用黑夜去重复白天 甚至在间隙的阳光中 也没有用整个心脏去爱一个人 时间已经用旧 许多可爱的生命已抛在身后 万家灯火,像片片老人斑 在世界的额头闪耀

so many people worthy to be loved but I am only one – with one life only one body and I am already a collection of old trains moving towards piles of rusty iron life is so short, swift, blind always entangled in animal details the detail of life always using night to repeat day even in the broken sunlight I haven't used my whole heart to love someone time has already worn out many lives have been left lights from all those many families, like age spots on my forehead twinkling (Translated by Jenny Lao and Christopher Kelen)


A Shepherd

我,一个糟糕的牧羊人 始终无法把羊和云分开 直到有一天狼来了 现在我知道,云就是云 羊呢 就是那些骨头

I was a bad shepherd still couldn't tell sheep from clouds until one day a wolf came now I know clouds are clouds and sheep they are those bones (Translated by Agnes Vong and Christopher Kelen)

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