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Xiaoyuan Yin


Born in 1982 in Sichuan Province. Graduated from Japanese Department, Beijing International Studies University. Her works have appeared in various journals and websites including E-zone, The World Poets Quarterly, China Radio International and China Daily official website. In 2006, she won second prize in a commenting competition organized by Reader.


Xiaoyuan Yin


Sunshine Earring up From a Bottle/Hammers of Rock

大落地窗像沙漏壁把海浪塑出弧度 (你淡定在硝烟此起彼伏的街头) 红嘴鸥在夕阳抛的金莲花上如履薄冰 (像一片烧灼不化的冰的镜像) 有钟声从海的腹腔喷薄而起 (废墟上悬浮着水银色的球体) 带着紫金色雍容的张力 (好战的人们像不死鸟的雏形在蛋壳里嘈杂) 磕在玻璃墙上的春风 (沸腾的瓦砾上 脱离躯体的双脚浴血奔跑) 像蜻蜓在床单上纷扬下茶绿的翅羽 (你站在无数幻象共同的入口 像地狱的九头犬) 茶几禁锢的水墨纹驱使影子在地面涨落 (霰弹飞临 狰狞的面孔们就竖起耳朵然后哑然失笑) 雪白双氧水气息逡巡 墙壁 水印和甲壳虫 (他们把心脏的部件嵌在贝司和鼓里就像贮存黑豆) 孤岛让海岸线遭遇岬角 (地面坍塌还是瓦解对他们来说都无关紧要) 长明壁灯像啄木鸟嵌入背阴的年轮 (因为他们的分贝高于一切天灾人祸)


Like a sunglass, the French window shaped the billows in its mould (Walking in the street you turned your collar up to gunsmoke's fury) And black-headed gulls on foils of sunshine lurch (As if your were reflection of an insoluble ice on a flame) The closed cavity of the ocean an upward current of tolling bell unfold (There hang on the ruins giant drops of mercury) With solemn purple-golden surface-tension on its perch (Militant people, like immature infants of phoenixes, noisily exclaim) As the February breeze crashed on the glass wall (Their feet, disintegrated from the upper half, run on blood-smeared hot debris) Its tea-green wings fell on the sheet like fragments of a petal (You are standing in front of the entrance of phantoms, like Cerberus) Shades of inky stripes that the tea-table cast rise and fall (When scraps from a shot-gun come they erected their ears and grinned in glee) Smell of hydrogen peroxide floods over the water-mark below a beetle (And store parts of their heart in bass guitars and drums, as if collecting beans) When coastlines and capes are joined to a deserted island by a weaver (Whether tomorrow there is a landslide or a cave-in, for them it never matters) The lamp hides itself among dark annual rings like a woodpecker (For their decibels are louder than the entire world’s disasters)


The Cataclysm /A firefly-shaped Scar

你坐在寸草不生的银河孤岛上 (它被雕琢得百合般粉妆玉砌) 等待终极的太阳风将你分崩成未知的组织 (花枝招展 在她藕条玉臂上炫耀) 存在是个悖论 因为没有镜子或其他眼睛 (烛光霓虹和脚灯赋予它魅惑的的神秘) 黑洞 白矮星和星云团比死亡更触手可及 (它和她的微笑一样映着霜风闪电绽开) 背后无垠的焦黑 四围虎视眈眈的星体 (透明表情下闭锁的细胞急剧嬗变) 仅存的第六感蓦然像电磁波一样敏锐危险 (她在最深的夜里听到它的尖锐唿哨) 骨骼像光线 不知不觉被弯曲和吞噬 (是委曲求全还是壮士断腕) 半明半昧的心脏律动是失调的挂钟 (她的马丁尼酒在细颈瓶里昏沉震荡) 妄想豺狼虎豹一起向你奔来 (于是它蛀空她灵魂的髓) 莫名的亲切中霎那潸然泪下 (因为她坚硬的壳像胡桃难以击穿)


On the infertile island in the center of Galaxy your mortal frame lies (It decorates her arm as charmingly as a brilliant lily) Waiting for the last Solar Wind to tear you into obscure tissues (That against the background of her honey skin flaunts) Unsure of your own existence because there are neither mirror nor eyes (Endowed by neon lights and footlights with a sense of mystery) Nearer than death are black holes, white dwarves and nebulas’ queues (It smiles with her even when a blizzard or thunder haunts) Behind is infinite darkness, and in front glaring heavenly bodies (Behind her dark amber eyes the sick cells experienced a transmutation) Compared to electromagnetic waves, the sixth sense was sharper and more dangerous (She heard it shriek from underneath night’s mask) Bones are bent and swallowed, like gleams of light the universe carries (It is a choice between compromise and satisfaction) And the fading heart beats to broken clocks’ chorus (The turbid martini murmurs feely in her flask) In your illusions your saw running pumas, tigers and jackals (So it chewed through her soul’s marrow) But maybe for the sake of indescribable familiarity a drop of tear falls (For her hard shell refused to give way to any furrow)

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