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Yi Xiao

王一笑,笔名一笑,生于中国河北。著有诗集《是时间在唱歌》(2011)、《走过就不会忘记》(2008) 。诗歌散见《诗选刊》、《七里海》等刊物。

Wang Yixiao, pen name Yi Xiao. She has published two books of poetry, including Singing of Time (2011) and Never Forget the Paths We've Taken. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, including Poetry Selected in China. She lives in Hebei, China.


Peter Feng


Peter Feng was born in Chongqing, China, in 1979. He has received a Ph.D degree in literature from Nanjing University and currently teaches English at Jinan University. He has co-translated A Journey through the Chinese Empire, Intimate China, and The Web and the Rock, and co-written a book of poems Cruel Raven (2011). His study includes poetry, psychoanalysis, and contemporary philosophy.


I Have a Skull Burning in Eternity

若我们从不曾生活在星群中, 从何感知那种簇拥? 唤醒,闪闪发亮, 一匹火驹在前方等我, 啼声哒哒,炽焰鬃飞舞。 冬的深蛹, 风铃草开始酝酿它的淡紫色。 北风举起秃的花杖,但很快, 那上面会涌出翠绿与怒放之花。    我有一枚在永远里燃烧的头骨, 音符花冠,穹苍灰蓝的弧度, 心是众河之源,我将成为——??蓝色, 成为跳跃,成为——不可能。


If we have not lived among constellations, How do we know the feeling of clustering? Waking up, shining, A fiery foal waits for me. Hooves clapping, burning man dancing. Chrysalis of winter A bluebell brews its light purple. The north wind hoists a naked stalk, soon Green blossoms will rush to it. I have a skull burning in eternity, Notes of corolla, the deep blue arch of heaven, The heart is the origin of rivers, and I will become—blue, Become dancing, become—impossible.


I Will Arrive with the Night

我将与夜幕一起抵达 一扇隐形之门 在空中虚掩 去那儿——穿过它—— 你也来 逆风而行手持闪亮的情节 成为另一个 2012有两个夏天 足以使冰渊融化 它再也不能禁锢任何色彩了 倾斜着抵达 一座热带城市扑近 一张流动的光之网 暗藏无数眨动的眼睛 它竖起了所有的道路和灯盏 我从云层推耸出的岛屿间盘旋而下 夕阳的金睫毛没入地平线 我们—— 在这破折号的后面 用笑声的光泽 涂抹夜色和虚无


I will arrive with the night An invisible door Ajar in midair Go there—through it— You come too Going against the wind with a shining plot in hand Becoming the other There were two summers in 2012 Enough to melt the ice-abyss It can't encase colors anymore Leaning, arriving A tropical city nears A flowing web of light Hides millions of blinking eyes It erects all streets and lamps I spiral down the cascading islands of cloud Golden eyelashes of sunset submerge below the horizon And we— Behind the dash Spread night and nothingness With the patina of laughter

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