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Weijie Zhuang


Weijie Zhuang, originally from southern Fujian in China, is a poet, writer, critic, calligrapher and Phd of literature residing in Australia. He graduated from Fujian Normal University majoring in Chinese language and literature, and is the visiting scholar of the Beijing University. He obtained post-doctoral position in Fudan University. He is now the professor of Chinese Department of Huaqiao University, part-time researcher of Jinan University, president and editor-in-chief of The International Chinese Press, and president of Australia Chinese Poets Association. He won a number of literary awards, such as the Theory Contribution Award of the 13th Bingxin Prize. His works and papers are included in hundreds of editions. Some of his poems have been included in Overseas Chinese Literature Reader. He has published more than ten books of poems, essays and papers and has been the chief editor for more than 50 books.


Weijie Zhuang


A Kind of Zen

香烟雾状乃书斋最写意的装饰 观念蒙住我如同信仰蒙住虔诚的教徒 寂寞是秋水泛滥于心田 骚动是钟摆震荡于时空 忧伤如一杯泡不出香味的绿茶 品饮一次却比一次更有味道 像一棵树静静地孤独驻足 静静地诉说某段特定的生命情节 这结果凝成一种禅 土地的身躯永远躺在我们脚下 并以粗糙的皮肤喂养着我们 苦难是不能理解的种子 耕耘是简单而深刻的平常景致 寻梦者像一株红高粱或麦桔 双脚企望长满根须 一条条伸展一次次深入 当一个人远走他乡 悲壮故事 如同青涩的果子 这本身是一种禅吗?


Cigar haze is the most free decoration of my study Ideas blind me as belief blinds the pious Loneliness pours into my heart like an autumn flood Turmoil, a pendulum shaking space and time Grief is like a cup of green tea with no fragrance With every sip it grows more flavorful Like a tree standing still Silently narrating a specific moment of life It soons becomes a kind of Zen The body of the land always lays beneath our feet Feeding us with her coarse skin Adversity is the mysterious seed Cultivation is the simple but profound common scenery Dreamseekers are like a red sorghum or straw Yearning for their feet to send out roots Spreading and penetrating, one by one When a man travels far from home Solemn tragedy like a tart green fruit Is this not a kind of Zen?



坐在三月的风中 我以梦为马 驮运想象的翅膀阳光般轻盈 眼前呈现的别样景致 高低起伏 或动或静 清晰可辨 那些声音、颜色与真实的花香浑然一体 敞开的道路和事物在曲折流转中 引伸为修辞中最为闪亮的字眼 仿佛生活在别处 我侧耳倾听 发现空气、流水、栈桥、楼宇用本体 静观绿的、蓝的、白的、红的用喻体 端坐在岁月深处 保持安详与宁静 在那一瞬间 我构思的诗篇 像一行白鹭从湖面上扑翅飞起 让我在沉思默想之际 伸长感觉的 触须 并且深切地领悟到—— 这更新的万象皆拥有某种境界


Sitting in the March breeze, I make my dream a horse Carrying the wings of imagination as light as the sunshine Special views come into view Ups and downs, dynamic and static all are discernable Those sounds and colors integrate with the real scent of flowers Open roads and goods in the twists and turns Extend into the most shiny terms of rhetoric As if life is somewhere else I bend my ear and listen carefully To find that air, fluids, bridges and buildings are the substance Quietly watching the green, blue, white and red metaphors Sit up in the depths of time maintaining peace and tranquility In that moment, the poem I have in mind Flits up from the lake surface like a line of egrets Making me stretch out my tentacles in contemplation To touch and overwhelmingly realize that All changing phenomena possess their proper state

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