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Bruce Hunter

Bruce Hunter is the author of four books of poetry, including Two O'clock Creek, which won the 2011 People's Poetry Award, and a novel, In the Bear's House, which was the 2009 Canadian Rockies winner at the Banff Mountain Book Festival. His best-selling short story collection, Country Music Country, was serialized on CBC's Between the Covers.



Anna Yin

星子安娜,Anna Yin中国湖南出生。99年移民加拿大,其英文诗多次获奖,其中包括 2005 年安省的“Ted Plantos 纪念奖”和2010 年和2013年 的“Martry文学奖“。星子著有五本诗集,包括《Wings Toward Sunlight》(2011)以及《Inhaling the Silence》(2013)。星子是加拿大诗人联盟安省代表,她工作和居住在安省的密西沙加。

Anna Yin was born in China and immigrated to Canada in 1999. Anna won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, the 2010 MARTY Award, etc. She has published five books of poetry. Collections of her poetry Wings Toward Sunlight was published by Mosaic Press in 2011 and Inhaling the Silence was published in 2013. Anna is Ontario representative for the League of Canadian Poets. She works and lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

Picking Apples


Nor Northern Spies, Nor Granny Smiths. Yours Plump Russets Rouged and weighty. Or whatever. When I learned to pick apples, two-handed In the Niagara orchards, Weighing them in my palms, The old orchardman showed me. Letting gravity do its trick. Lifting them away. The ripe and wondrous falling. Their stems curled, a small leaf Fluttering like a sprouted wing. Lowering them into the canvas Cradled on his chest. And I had no idea then He was talking about you, Or about love.


不是“北方间谍”, 也不是“姥姥史密斯”。你的 “圆润乳色思” 红艳并且有些分量。 或咋样都行。。。 在尼亚加拉果园里 当我学习如何用双手采摘苹果时, 果园的老人示范我, 在手掌里掂量它们, 让自然引力发挥伎俩。 提起分开它们。 那成熟和奇妙的落下来。 其茎卷曲,一小片叶子 像发芽的翅膀飞舞。 放低它们到 围在胸前的布兜里。 当时我并不懂得 他是在说着你, 或者爱情。

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