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Bei Ta


Bei Ta, born in Suzhou City, now lives in Beijing and serves for National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature as a professional poet, critic and translator. He is vice secretary-general and board member of World Congress of Poets as well as director of Chinese Office of World Congress of Poetry. He is also the general secretary of Chinese Shakespeare Research Society. He has organized and participated in various activities of poetry in China and abroad such as in Mongolia, South Korea, Mexico, Hungary, Tai Wan, etc. His poems have been translated into more than 10 foreign languages including English, French, German, etc.


Bei Ta


The Barrow, A Song from the Mongolian Grasslands

勒勒车吞咽着尘土 在一群山羊前 驶过呼伦贝尔和鄂尔多斯 载着一片雨云的阴影 像载着一个孕妇 随时有流产的危险 男人粗糙的巨手 在寒冬光滑的车把上 摸出了汗水 在鞭子的口臭里 骏马跑断了腿 驴子擦伤了眼 只剩下骡子 还在沿着河流的黑暗奔忙 直到大半个车轮 陷入泥泞的梦 直到沼泽地布满 蝙蝠的翅膀 直到疲惫不堪的骑手 翻身落马 勒勒车的每一颗锈蚀的钉子 都留着祖先锤击的印痕 勒勒车的龟裂的木板上 留着祖母最后的体温 每一根轮辐上 都转动着母亲的羊水 那出生在勒勒车上的孩子 被绑缚于饥饿的轮轴 让它的棚顶落满乌鸦 让喜鹊的哀鸣 穿过铁丝网,传向远方 让一只蚂蚁推动它 再往前一点点 雨点像榔头一样锤打着 勒勒车像石头一样下沉 一个庞大帝国的轮子 就这样在滚动中 戛然而止


The barrow is swallowing dusts In front of a flock of goats Rolling by the steppes of Hulun Buir and Erdos Loading the shadow of a rain cloud Like loading a pregnant woman Facing at any moment the risk of abortion The man's massive rough hand On the sleek frozen barrow handle Wipes away the sweat In the fetid breath of a whip The steed has broken its leg The donkey has hurt its eyes scratching Only a mule is left Still busy rushing about along the dark river Till more than half of its wheel Is caught in the muddy dream Till the marshland is full Of bats' wings Till the beaten down rider Falls from his steed Every rusted nail of the Mongolian barrow Retains the moulage of ancestors' hammer blows The cracked turtle board of the Mongolian barrow Contains the last trace of grandmother's warmth On every spoke There wheels the amniotic fluid of mother The child born on the barrow Is bound to the hungry axles Let your shack roof fill with crying crows Let the plaintive whine of magpies Penetrate the iron net and spread into the distance Let an ant pushing it Move forward a little bit more Rain drops pounds like hammers The barrow sinks like a stone Wheels of a dynasty Stop abruptly rolling

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