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Li Yongcai


Li Yongcai, born in Chongqing,Sichuan in 1966, is a member of Chinese Writers' Association and a member of the Trustee Council of Star Semimonthly. He obtained his Master's degree in public administration from Beijing University. His works were published in a number of publications including Poetry Magazine, Star Semimonthly, Green Wind Bimonthly. His honors include the Top Prize of the “Grand Canal Cup” in the National Poetry Contest, the First Prize of the Fourth “Sunlight Cup”, and the Award of Excellence of the “Tianyoude Cup”. He has published three books of poetry, including The Direction of Hometown, Urban Objects, and Blank Color.


Li Yongcai


The Spiritual Farmland

牧放远了就成了故乡的乱草 被一小块废弃的时光,自言自语的穿越 秋天落魄至此 请看好你的影子 一些树木,和稗草 来自唐朝的书生 仍在寻找,经书落脚的地方 果实牧放南山 遗世的牧师在风中突然变了颜色 这些大有来头的影子 跑动起来带走匍匐在石阶上的灰 而我的目光半熏去哪里等待 竹篮打水的日子 透过黄昏,野径般的长发 仍可以看见 如入无人之境道路割开天空 灵魂游走锋刃 比汽车狂热的影子闪得更快


A far off farmland becomes the weeds of home. I travel through a small piece of deserted time, murmuring. In autumn my spirit falls. I wish to see your shadow Trees and barnyard grasses. A scholar from the Tang dynasty Is still searching for the scriptures. On Mount South fruit trees grow. In the wind, a secluded shepherd suddenly changes color. These compelling shadows Run and sweep the gray off stone steps. But where can my semi-intoxicated eyes go to wait for The days of no reward? Through eventide and long hair like wild paths I still see the sky Entering a road without man. My spirit travels on a blade's edge Faster than the shadow of a speeding car.

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