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Xiao Xiao


Xiao Xiao is a poet and painter, the editor of The Special Issue of the Qinghai Poetry Festival. In 1993, she edited The Collected Works of the Pre-Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Post-Misty Poets, and The Collected Works of Contemporary Chinese Poetry Criticism. Her poetry collections include The Woman and Poems Under the Tree, and Time Standing on Its Tiptoes, among others. Her long poem, Elegy for Another World has been named by critics as a representative work of Chinese women poets from the 1990s. Her work has been translated into a number of languages. She is a recipient of an Exploring Poetry Award, and Achievements by A Poet in the Third Generation Award, A Wenchuan Outstanding Volunteer Award for assisting with earthquake relief, A Chinese Poetry Theater Award, the Wen Yiduo Poetry Award,etc.


Denis Mair

Poet and translator. He is a co-translator of Frontier Taiwan (Columbia). His book of poems Man Cut in Wood was published by Valley Contemporary Press in 2003. He has lectured on the I CHING at the Temple School of Poetry (Walla Walla).



I See This Heart of Mine

是的 ,就在今夜凌晨3点 我看见这颗心是怎样 破碎的,滴血的樱桃 挂在秋老虎的牙齿上 这颗心依着苦涩的肩膀 杵着忍耐的拐杖 牙关紧闭 一点一点前行 并没有像往常 在被撕咬的疼痛中 血流不止地挣扎 而是把悲苦卷起来 是的,这颗心开始在 苦水的浸泡中 回甜地度着春、夏、秋、冬 平静如水,并不在季节之外抱怨 当这颗心彻底穿越 肉体的空门内外 谎言、借口、假象、背叛 统统都变得比风更轻 人生所有的黑 仅仅是一种颜色 我看见,这颗心去雪中取暖 把自己捣成了一张承受的宣纸


Yes, at three o'clock in the morning I see How it is with this heart of mine In pieces, a cherry dripping blood In the tiger's teeth of a fall heat wave It leans with beleaguered shoulders On a cane of resignation With teeth grimly clenched Pressing forward bit by bit No longer what it was once Torn apart, writhing in pain Struggling as it bled out Now it rolls up sorrows. Yes, this heart steeped in bitter water Recovers sweetness as it passes Through spring, summer, fall, winter Like a placid pool, never grudging the seasons from without Once this heart fully passes through The body's empty gate Ruses and betrayals drain of consequence And grow lighter the wind All blackness of human life Is no more than a color I see this heart on snowy ground, seeking warmth Turning receptive, like a sheet of rice paper


A Part
—Inscribed On One Of My Paintings

我把今生的一部分 一笔一笔藏进了这幅画里 我与谁捉迷藏 来世高高悬挂在轮回的颜色之上 梦朝着时间的反方向漫延 白天成了夜晚的缝隙 疼痛在缝隙中成为爱的一部分 正如情爱习惯于在细节中丢失 在客厅中退场 如果寒冷是温暖的一部分 活着也是死亡的一部分 一瞬间,灵魂在色彩中醒来 一个影子还原成红、黄、蓝 我又把生调和成各种绿 把死抽象成漆黑


A part of my life is here Hidden stroke by stroke in this painting I play hide-and-seek with someone My next life hovering over reincarnating colors Dreams spread against the tide of time Daytime becomes a crack in the night Pain in cracks becomes a part of love Just as love gets used to fading in the details Bowing offstage at home, in a living room If the cold is a part of warmth Then living is a part of dying All at once my spirit awakens in color A shadow returning to hues of red, yellow, and blue And I blend life into shades of green As I abstract death into pitch black

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