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A prolific writer, poet, and a native of Hong Kong, he is currently President of the Association of Hong Kong Poetry and Poets and the Prose Poetry Association of Hong Kong, as well as Editor-in-Chief of The Roundtable: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics. Among his many publications are: If you are sitting opposite me, Snow leopard, City in the sky, Paper rags, and Seagull: a collection (poetry); The pupa and the butterfly: on prose poetry and On Liu Ban Nong and his poetry (criticism). He has also edited anthologies of contemporary Hong Kong and Chinese poetry, including Lights across the river: selected poetry of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Infinite night colors: selected poetry of Ningxia and Hong Kong, and Ocean to the south: selected poetry of Chaozhou and Hong Kong.


Yanwing Leung

梁欣荣, 美国德州A&M大学英美文学博士, 现任台湾大学外国语文学系副教授, 台北国际笔会英文季刊总编辑。曾任台湾大学外国语文学系系主任及研究所所长, 台湾大学翻译硕士学程主任。历任林语堂翻译奖、梁实秋翻译奖及台大文学翻译奖评审。著有《魯拜新诠》《魯拜拾遗》等。

Yanwing Leung, PhD. Poet, translator, Associate Professor and 2-term Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature and Director of the International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University. Since 2009 he has been Editor-in-Chief of the Taipei Chinese PEN Quarterly, a publication of PEN International. He is the author of Poems Inspired by The Rubaiyat (Taipei 2013) and The Forgotten Rubaiyat: A Verse Interpretation in Chinese (Taipei 2015).


Confessions at Frog River

立冬之后,我来到了青蛙河畔 晚上已听不到那一阵紧一阵松的聒噪声 旅馆房间内我也瑟缩着,偷窥窗帘隙缝间 那微薄的月色。河畔有结满白穗的芦芒 青蛙潜伏其中,它们静待着 一场雪。把一个年头埋葬 明年总有焚烧着的火,也总有流徒着的 羊群,隐没在旷野的星光下 我在书写,并以之抵抗那些流言诅咒 我撰写的所有,会结集为一本经文 让你信仰者,并相信那未被发现的村庄 有一间房子和一盏灯,足够渡过寒冬


I arrive at Frog River, following the footsteps of winter No longer can I hear the alternately frantic and relaxed croaking at night Inside the hotel room I cringe as well, peeking at the pale moon Through a sliver in the curtains. Clumps of silver grass bloom on the riverbank Where frogs stay hidden, waiting quietly for The first snow, to bury the year whole Next year there will be fires burning, herds of Sheep roaming, submerged in sidereal light in the wilderness I am writing, using it to conquer the evil rumors and curses All that I write, will be combined into scripture Offering you the faith to believe in a room with a lamp In a village yet-to-be-found, enough to see you through winter

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