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Yuan An


Yuan An is a member of China Writers Association, the executive editor-in-chief of International Chinese Poetry. He has published two books of poetry. His poems appeared in People's Literature, Poetry Magazine and many others.


Lei Ren

雷人(1949--),本名雷玉华,河北东光人,企业家,诗人,律师,书法家。60岁开始写诗,出版《雪的颠覆》等6部诗集。很多作品入选各类年选,并被翻译成英文,俄文,罗马尼亚文,法文等文字发表。汉译英诗歌作品入选《国际汉语诗歌》。另有美国长篇小说《红眼睛蓝了》等70万字译著。曾获中国诗歌学会“2014中国诗歌贡献奖”,《诗词之友》“国粹杯” “2015桂冠诗人”,2016中国诗歌春晚征文大赛银奖等。现居天津。

Lei Ren (1949-) is a poet, lawyer, an engineer and a calligrapher. He did not write any poems until he was 60 years old when he retired. He has published 6 books of poetry in four years. His rewards include 2015 Poet Laureate by The Friends of Poetry journal and 2014 Special Contribution Award by the China Poetry Association.


In The Dark, Listening to the Songs of Leonard Cohen

没有比科恩更加男性的声音了 没有比科恩更加伤感的的歌吟了 一些音符从深海升起 一些节拍在云端梦游 刚刚还在细语缠绵 马上又要离别无期 关了灯 闭上眼睛 端杯红酒 让科恩神秘的深喉 在黑暗中 给你带来灵魂的问候 你开始像诗人一样 寂寞流淌出蔚蓝 孤独正向星际飞扬


No voice is more masculine than Cohen's. And no singing more sentimental Some notes rise up from the deep sea Some beats sleep walk upon the clouds The lingering whispers just now Will soon part for ever Turn off the lights Close your eyes And hold a cup of red wine Let Cohen's deep voice Greet your soul In the dark You begin to seem like a poet Loneliness surges out of the blue Loneliness flies up toward the stars

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