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Thomas Eisenbeiser

Thomas Eisenbeiser grew up on a Michigan farm with cattle sheep and horses. He rode horseback most every day. At age 17 he began traveling and has lived in Russia, Germany, Italy, England, France and Mexico. He got two master's degrees from University of Michigan and published two books of poems: A Gathering of Rites (1979) and Crafted (1981). In recent years he divides his time between Nanjing and Ann Arbor.



Wang Yixiao

王一笑,英文名Ayin Wang,诗人,设计师,著有诗集《异岸之火》(2016)、《是时间在唱歌》(2011)、《走过就不会忘记》(2008)。

Wang Yixiao, another name is Ayin Wang. She is a poet and an art designer,she has published three books of poetry, including The Fire of the Strange Shores(2016), Singing of Time (2011) and Never Forget the Paths We've Taken. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, including Poetry Selected in China.

Sonnet for Peter and Ayin arriving at Princeton

十四行诗——为Peter, Ayin到访普林斯顿而作

Rain whispers over the bricks and among the yews at Palmer House, early spring, a fire of oak logs warms the foyer, a blues song, Billy or Bessie, muffles down the stairs; The old clock croaks and ticks away the seconds echoing among the portraits in the hall, we linger in some paradise that beckons us to travel, the world's a blue steamy ball And we explore her seas under sails of rag, lateen bent to a fickle breeze, salt cakes our mouth, sweet words become fish or birds; ideas play tag as unseen currents lead blindly toward the south. The latticed windows suggest prisoner's motifs, while spring in a new town will offer a prince new leaves.


雨在帕默之屋的砖墙外、紫衫间 低语,早春,橡木之火 温暖着大厅,一曲布鲁斯 比利或蓓丝,沿着楼梯回旋 老钟低沉沙哑,滴答声 在大厅的肖像画之间回响, 我们徘徊在天堂,它召唤我们 上路,这颗蓝色星球浓雾弥漫 我们撑起破帆在她的海上探险, 大三角帆在变幻莫测的风中弯曲,嘴巴被咸水浸润 甜蜜的话语变成鱼和飞鸟;心念在捉迷藏 盲目地被隐秘潮汐引向南方 格子窗使人联想起狱囚的栅栏 当这小镇之春来临,会给王子带来新叶

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