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Huang Fan


Born in 1963 in rural Hubei province, Huang Fan is a leading writer of fiction and poetry, known for his unflinching confrontation of contemporary issues in China with dry humor and dark lyricism. His fictional works include the novels The Eleventh Commandment, The floating colors , Until Youth Disappears, the short story collection, Girls' School Teacher and the essay collection, Chinese Wander. His poetry collections in Chinese include Elegies of Nanjing and Selected Poems of a Decade. When His novel The Eleventh Commandment was serialised in Sina.com.cn's literary section, it received over 3 million hits and was rated one of two “must-read” novels for young people to read. 'Middle Age' was included in One Hundred Poems for One Hundred Years of Modern Poetry, and the editor of United Daily News called him the Mainland poet of most interest to the Taiwanese reader. His prizes include the Writer's Golden Prize for Short Story, the Beijing Literary Prize for Poetry, the Biennial China Houtian Culture and Art Prize 2009-2010: Novel, the Fangcao Biennial Top Ten Prize for Poetry, and the Jinling Literary Prize for Poetry. Huang Fan's works have been translated into English, Italian, German, Greek, French, Japanese, Farsi and Korean.


Josh Stenberg

Canadian-born, Josh Stenberg divides his time between Asia, Europe, and North America. He writes fiction and poetry, and works as an academic, translator and interpreter (Chinese-English, Chinese-French). Recent credits include The Antigonish Review, The Queen's Quarterly, Contemporary Verse 2 and Estuaire.



Vocabulary List

云,有关于这个世界的所有说法 城,囤积着这个世界的所有麻烦 爱情,体现出月亮的所有性情 警察,带走了某个月份的阴沉表情 道德,中年时不堪回首的公理,从它 可以推导出妻子、劳役和笑容 诗歌,诗人一生都在修缮的一座公墓 灰尘,只要不停搅动,没准就会有好运 孤独,所有声音听上去都像一只受伤的鸟鸣 自由,劳役之后你无所适从的空虚 门,打开了还有什么可保险的? 满足,当没有什么属于你,就不会为得失受苦了 刀子,人与人对话的最简洁的方式 发现,不过说出古人心中的难言之隐 方言,从诗人脑海里飘过的一些不生育的云


Cloud, all the theories about this world City, the entire stock of trouble in this world Love, embodying all the traits of the moon Police, taking away some month's dismal expression Morality, the axiom middle age cannot bear to look back upon, from which can be derived a wife, labour and smiles Poetry, a tomb the poet restores all his life Dust, as long as you keep stirring it up, maybe you'll catch a good break Loneliness, every sound is like the cry of an injured bird Freedom, the emptiness which comes after labour and leaves you at a loss Door, if you open it what then remains certain? Satisfaction, when nothing belongs to you, there's an end to the pain of loss and gain. Knife, the simplest, purest kind of dialogue between two people. Discovery, is just saying what the ancients thought but couldn't discuss Dialect, some unborn clouds that drifted out from the poet's mind

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