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Jian Ming


Jian Ming is a poet and literary critic, who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He is the president of the Journal of Selected Poems Magazine, the earliest academic observer of Chinese network poems and the most authoritative text researcher. He has published 11 books of poetry including Nobleness, Simplicity, Sutra of Mountains and Seas; 5 books of long reportage; 5 books of critics and essays. In 1987, his work won the first prize of the 1st Star Poetry Monthly Competition, which acquired his reputation. Up to now, Jian Ming has been awarded National Excellent Reportage Prize in 1991, the 4th, 8th and 11th Renaissance Prize of Hebei Province, Sun Li Literary Prize, Wen Yiduo Poetry Prize, etc. His literary works have been selected into hundreds of authoritative anthologies.


Zhang Jiawei


Zhang Jiawei, born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, is majoring in Korean Language and Culture in Peking University. He is the Academic Minister of the Student Union, Peking University. He pays close attention to comparative literature and works on literary translation in Chinese, English and Korean. His translations of modern Chinese poetry include Selected Poems, Selected Short Poems, Sutra of Mountains and Seas.


An Oil Painting By Xu Fuhou

只有三片叶子的风景 染黄了徐福厚的深秋 插箭岭的背景远不止抽象的黄叶 还有画家徐福厚遗忘的三双布鞋 一双红色的一双黑色的 一双红与黑相间多彩的 布鞋在山坳处边踱步边思索 徐福厚的银杏树上鸦雀无声


Only three pieces of leaves yellowed Xu Fuhou's deep autumn The background of Chajian Ridge is more about nonfigurative leaves It also includes three pairs of cloth shoes forgotten by artist Xu One pair red and another is black The third is decorated in both red and black The cloth shoes are pacing and meditating on the mountain tap No voice has ever sang between Xu Fuhou's yellow leaves


A Drop Of Water

水流只撞击细节 一滴水,指引大海的流向 打开生活正面,礁石面目丑陋 真实是最快的速度 水,每时每刻刷新着河流 它犯下的错误,堆积成岸 使河水更有力量


The current is only bumping details A drop of water is directing the sea's flowing Open the frontispiece of life. The reef Has ugly features. Reality is the rapidest speed Water is refreshing the river every moment Its accumulating errors have become banks Which makes the river more powerful than ever

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