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Mu Yu


Mu Yu, native of Jianyang, Sichuan, has published a number of works in journals such as Poetry Monthly, Stars, Poetry Forest, Poetic Trend. He is the author of Borrowed by the World. He won second prize in 2014 at China Yongji Poetry Festival and attended the 16th National Meeting for Prose Poets in 2016.


Cao Shunfa


Cao Shunfa, native of Fengdu, Chongqing, is now a professor and translator with Foreign Languages School, Chongqing Jiaotong University, who has papers and articles published in journals across China, in addition to a dozen translation works.


The Carpenter

(一) 蜗居夜色,把私有化的孤独, 从院子搬到堂屋,绕过过度开掘的月光, 回到自己,刨尘埃, 刨南来的消息,把目光钉进夜的深处, 为木质的光阴,备好消炎的泥土和风声, 安抚倒塌的树林,如果夜加倍辽阔, 忘不了翻滚的旧事,就对着墙上的微笑, 告诉她,地面发生的许多事。 (二) 三月,某缺口。你披着蓑衣,穿过浅灰的错觉, 随鱼群攀岩,拦击流水,拦击上升的绿意, 从信任的枝头,摘香气、光的种籽, 从麻雀的表情,领取歌声,饲养惊蛰后的物种; 三月,某缺口。你在门前,锯流水、阳光, 刨着风声、鸟鸣,刨着多次被打扰的寂静, 寻找稀薄的空气或云影,协助羊群, 走回湿地,洁净地活在泥巴色的玩笑里。


(I) I, dwelling in a nutshell of a house, move my privatized loneness From the courtyard into the central room off the excessive moonlight I, myself again, plane the dust And the news from the south, eyes boring far into the night For the years of wood, I get ready anti-inflammatory soil and wind So as to placate the fallen forest, if the night redoubles itself Haunted byevents of olden days, I smile toward the wall And tell her whateverthat has befallen the world. (II) Visited byhaplessness in March, you, rain cape on back, pierce through some light gray illusion, Climbing after a school of fish and intercepting running water, budding greenness Picking seeds of fragrance and light from the credulous branches, And getting singsong from the expressions of sparrows while feeding the waking species Visited by haplessness in March, you stand at the gate, sawing running water and sunshine, Planing the sounds of wind, birds and oft-interrupted quiet Seeking scarce air or cloud shadows and helping the flock of sheep Back to the wetland where they live spotlessly in muddy-brown jest.

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