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Esther Schor

Esther Schor, who received a Ph.D. in English from Yale in 1985, is a professor of poetry and poetics at Princeton University with a focus on British Romanticism. She is the author of Bridge of Words: Esperanto and the Dream of a Universal Language (2015) and Bearing the Dead: The British Culture of Mourning from the Enlightenment to Victoria (1994). She edited or co-edited The Cambridge Companion to Mary Shelley (2003), The Other Mary Shelley: Beyond “Frankenstein” (1993) and Women's Voices: Visions and Perspectives (1990). In 2012, she published her first collection of poetry, Strange Nursery.



Peter Feng


Peter Feng received a PhD in English Literature from Nanjing University in 2011, and since then he has been exploring the essential strangeness of poetry. He has translated a novel, three travelogues, and numerous poems in English, including Elsewhere by Scott Alexander Jones (Showwe Information) and The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath (Shanghai Translation Publishing House). He is the author of Parallel Tongues (Showwe Information), The Desert Swimmer (Pulsasir Publishing), and Cruel Raven (coauthored with Sun Dong, Nanjing University Press). His works appear in Poetry Sky, The American Poetry Review, Grey Sparrow Journal and others.

a story I'd like to tell you


I met a man. Okay, two men, each with his grave tartan. One, a scholar of the Song dynasty; the other sold firewood. One came from Brazil, the other went there. One liked my hand, the other my mouth. I called them you and you. From each, a daughter. From the daughters, grief. I wept and wept. One said, wait for an angel, the other wait for me.


我遇到一个男人。好吧,两个,都穿着肃穆的格子呢。 一个是宋代研究者;另一个,卖柴火。 一个来自巴西,另一个去往那儿。 一个喜欢我的手,另一个喜欢我的嘴。 我称他们为。 从每个男人那里,我得到一个女儿。从女儿, 得到忧伤。我哭泣,哭泣。 一个说,等着天使降临吧,另一个说 等着我



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