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Tang Yangzong

汤养宗,1959出生于中国福建。曾经于海军服役。出版过诗集《水上吉普赛》《尤物》《寄往天堂的11封家信》《去人间》等诗集。先后获得人民文学奖, 中国年度的最佳诗歌奖,《诗刊》年度诗歌奖。

Tang Yangzong was born in Fujian, China in 1959. Once served in the Navy. He is the author of several books of poetry, including Water Gypsy, Stunner, Eleven Letters Sent to Heaven. He won the People's Literature Award, the Chinese Year's Best Poetry Award, and Poetry Periodical annual poetry award.


Wei Guoping


Wei Guoping (David Wei), worked at Nanjing University of Science and Technology. He published a book of bilingual poems and is working on translation of Three hundred Tang Dynasty Poems.


Chopping Wood

木柴劈开后,我看到了两面相同的木纹 我说不对,把自己的双掌合起,又张开 它们的纹路并不一样 两边手出现了各自的眼神,说明我远不如一棵树 说明掌心中有两个人,说明我的手 右边做事,左边并不知道 我又把它们贴在耳边交换着听,希望能听到 不同的说话声 一整个上午,我劈,再劈,拼命地劈,我发疯般想证实 是不是只有用刀斧劈开的,才是统一一致的 比如两片嘴唇闭着,一开口就出错 比如我的手掌心,左边并不听右边的话


The firewood is split,I saw both sides of the same wood I say no, my palms, taken together, again opened: their lines are not the same The eyes of both hands appeared, indicating that I was far inferior to a tree and there are two people in my palm and my left hand does not know what my right hand has done I put them close to my ear, listening to the exchange, and hope to hear different voices An entire morning, I split, split again, desperately split I'm crazy to prove it Is it true that only with the ax split it can be uniform and consistent For example, when two lips closed, one opens up and makes mistakes For example, my palm, the left side does not listen to the right side

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