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Chang Qun


Chang Qun' originally Yang Chang Qun' once used pen name Ruo Feng. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University' now lives in Qing Dao' China.


Xu Guili

许桂丽 ,山东大学经济学学士,首都师范大学中文系研究生,北京大学EMBA在读。发表百余篇中英文双语诗作。历任《香港商报》青岛记者站站长,《香港文汇报》青岛记者站站长;现为制片人、编剧。

Xu Guili earned her bachelor's degree of Economics at Shandong University and Master Degree of Chinese Language Department of Capital Normal University. She is now a EMBA student of Peking University. She has published Chinese and English poems in China and abroad. She has been a journalist and now a producer and screenwriter.


In the Beginning of Autumn Thinking of the Yarlung Zangbo River's Fisht

高原之上最深的乳沟 喂养了,一条自由自在的小鱼 2017年的立秋之日 想起雅鲁藏布江的那条裸鲤 好多年过去了可爱的小鱼你还好吗 复归了雪山之巅的玉洁冰清 我沿拉萨河口溯游而上 你的衣袂犹如天边的彩云 我在林芝山谷漫步 你的歌声穿越江水如潮的轰鸣 有一篇很长的西藏游记 似乎永远没有结尾 游在水底的雅鲁藏布江的小鱼 仿佛透明的幽灵 点燃了一盏亘古不灭的星火 转眼过去了夏天的融雪 清凉的鱼唇雕刻着天籁之音的符号 长裙如麻也如天上的流云 以及自由自在的歌声彷徨 高山碧水,致命诱惑

The plateau above the deepest cleavage feeds a free small fish 2017 an autumn day think of the Yarlung Zangbo River,the naked carp Years have passed lovely little fish,are you ok? Return to the top of snow mountain,as white as jade,as pure as icepure-hearted I swim along Lhasa Estuary Your clothes are like the rosy clouds in the sky I wander in the valley of Linzhi Your song crosses the river like a torrent’s rumble There is a long path in Tibet that never seems to end Small fish swimming along the Brahmaputra River like transparent ghosts Lighting an eternal spark In the twinkling of an eye' the summer thaw Cool fish lips carve the symbol of nature’s sounds A dress like snow,like the clouds in the sky and the pacing of free song High moutain and blue water' fatal temptation…

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