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Duo Yu

朵渔, 1973 年生于山东,1994 年毕业于北京师范大学中文系。现居北京、天津,写作诗歌、随笔。曾获得多项民间诗歌奖项,著有诗集、评论集和文史随笔集多部。

Duo Yu was born in Shangdong Province in 1973. He has published a number of books of poetry and cri$cal ar$cles. He has received several poetry awards. He lives in Tianjin and Beijing.


Fiona Sze-Lorrain



冬雨聚集起全部的泪 湿漉漉的落叶犹如黑色的纸钱 一个男人在上坡,他竖起的肩膀 聚集起全部的隐忍 松针间的鸟,聚集起全部的灰 雨丝如飘发,聚集成一张美丽的脸 我站在窗前,看那玻璃上的水滴 聚集成悲伤的海 什么样的悲伤会聚集成力 取决于你的爱


Winter rain gathers all the tears Moist fallen leaves, black like burnt ghost money A man uphill, with shoulders raised gathers all endurance Birds between pine needles gather all the ashes Threads of rain floating like hair, gather into a beautiful face I stand by the window, looking at drops of water on the pane gather into a sea of sorrow What sorrow can gather into a force It depends on your love


The Last Darkness

走了这么久 我们是该坐在黑暗里 好好谈谈了 那亮着灯光的地方 就是神的村落,但要抵达那里 还要穿过一片林地 你愿意跟我一起 穿过这最后的黑暗吗? 仅仅愿意 还不够,因为时代的野猪林里 布满了光明的暗哨和猎手 你要时刻准备着 把我的尸体运出去 光明爱上灯 火星爱上死灰 只有伟大的爱情 才会爱上灾难。


after walking for so long we should sit down in the dark and have a good talk the place lit by a lamp is the village of God, but to reach there still a forest to go through are you willing to come with me through this last darkness simply being willing isn't sufficient, because the wild land of boars in this era is filled with secret surveillance of light and hunters you must be ready anytime to carry my corpse out light loves lamp Mars loves dead ashes only great love can love disasters

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