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Hua Yu


Hua Yu, born in Hubei, now living in Beijing, is the contributing host of Chinese Poetry Net. She has joined the 27th “Youth Poetry Meeting”. And she won many awards, such as the 4th Hai Zi Poetry award nomination in 2017, the annual award of poetry of Shandong Poet magazine in 2016 and the most popular poet award of Yanhe in 2015, etc. Besides, she has been elected in 2013 Chinese excellent poetry list.


Han Wenqiao


Born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, translator, theatre producer, extensively travelled in the UK and the US, translation work How to Win Friends & Influence People, etc. currently living in Xi'an as a freelancer.


Echoing in This Fickle World
-To JH

我不能说,我从没找到爱 也不能说 宿命中的缺失,代表永恒 银杏叶扇形的手语,是金色的 它不属于冬天 你偏执到极致的唯美 我抓不住,只能想象 我变得越来越阴郁 越来越喜欢一个人走 旁门左道 看每一棵路过的白杨把伸展的枝杈 伸向空漠 善变的人心如刀 一个人,我不能说 孤独就多不幸福 又多凄凉 在这薄凉的世界上 谁不是一个人,要叠着自己的影子 回到来时的地方


I couldn't say, that never did I get love Neither could I say The deficiency by the foreordination indicates the eternity As the sign language, the Ginkgo leaves of palm colors in gold It does not belong to winter As your paranoid extremes to the perfection I can't grasp, but to imagine I become more and more in blue And more prefer walking alone By heterodoxy Observing every polar of bypass stretching their branches Towards the vanity The fickle heart cuts as a keen edge Someone, whom I couldn't say How much unhappiness and how much misery The loneliness is In this fickle world Who isn't in single folding shadow of one's own And return around where we were from


The Same position
-To JH

都走了,诺大的房间 只剩我一人 我的心一下子 空了下来 你也空了下来 在我心里落座的 你的影子 对话,冬月,关于油画,歌剧 猫和前世的素描 美而温馨 一阵风 吹开虚掩的门 再空一些吧 你在我心里的位置 更重,更真切


All are gone, such a spacious room Leaves my single being And my heart emptied In sudden So are you Seating in my heart Your shadow Conversation, winter time, about canvas, operas Cats and the previous incarnation on sketches Beautiful and cosy A gust of wind Opens the unlocked doors Empty is even more As your position in my heart Becoming heavier and truer

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