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Liu Liyun


Liyun Liu, born December 5, 1954 in Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province. Member of the Chinese Writers Association. In the winter of 1972, he joined the army and served as editor-in-chief for the journal, Arts of The People's Liberation Army. He began to publish poems in 1975 and embarked on a long exploration of barrack poetry. Among his published seven books of poems are: Red Swamp, Black Poppy, The Butterfly Longing for the Paradise, Roast Blue, The Most Beautiful Part of Life, and Poison in the Eyes (Taiwan). In addition, he wrote five books of non-fiction, such as Moscow Sunset and Bloody Blades. He has won numerous awards, including "The New Military Works Award," "The People's Liberation Army Book Award," and the "2008 Outstanding Poet Award" from the prestigious journal Poetry. His collection of poems, Roast Blue won the Fifth Lu Xun Literature Award.


Edna Wu

武庆云是《云雨情:中国到美国回忆录》、《伊甸园里俩夏娃, 男妈妈》和《单一鸟》的作者。她的主要学术与翻译著作有:《中英乌托邦文学中的女权统治》(1996年《选择》杂志杰出学术著作)、《繁华梦:王筠传奇》《第三只眼》、《远方有个女儿国》等。她是加州州立大学中文教授。

Edna Wu is the author of Clouds & Rain: A China-to-America Memoir, Two Eves in the Garden of Eden & A Male Mother, and A Single-Winged Bird. Her major academic and translation publications include Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias (A 1996 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book), A Dream of Glory: A Chuanqi Play by Wang Yun, a novel about the Chinese People's Liberation Army: The Third Eye, and The Remote Country of Women. She is professor of Chinese at California State University, Los Angeles.


Butterflies Longing for Paradise

今夜我注定难眠!今夜有 十七只蝴蝶,从我的窗前飞过 就像十七朵云彩飞向高空 十七片雪花飘临大地,十七只蝴蝶 掀动十七双白色的翅膀,就像 十七孔的排箫,吹奏月光 十七只蝴蝶来自同一只蝴蝶 美得惊心动魂,美得只剩下美 十七只蝴蝶翩翩飞舞,携带着 谁的哀愁?谁的恩怨?谁的道别 和祈祷?十七只蝴蝶翩翩飞舞 就像十七张名片,递向天堂 音乐的茧被一阵风抽动,再 抽动,丝丝复缕缕,让人感到些许疼痛 谁的心就这样被十七只蝴蝶 侵蚀?并被它们掏空?牵引出 一千年的笙歌,一千年的桃花 与一千年的尘土,血肉相连! 十七只蝴蝶出自同一腔血液 同一簇石中的火焰,那劈劈啪啪 燃烧着的声音,是谁在大笑? 死亡中开出的花朵,是最凄美的 花朵啊,它让一切表白失去重量 更让我汗颜,再不敢旧事重提 啊,今夜我注定难眠!注定 要承受十七只蝴蝶的打击和摧残 只可惜太晚了,已经来不及了 今夜十七只蝴蝶从我的窗前飞过 我敲着我的骨头说:带我归去吧 明天,我要赎回一生的爱情


Tonight, I am bound to suffer from insomnia! Tonight there are Seventeen butterflies flying by my window Like seventeen clouds flying towards the heavens, or Seventeen snowflakes hovering over the earth. The seventeen butterflies flip seventeen pairs of white wings, just like Seventeen holes of the panpipes playing moonlight sonatas. The seventeen butterflies are of the same butterfly A beauty that is staggering. A beauty that leaves nothing but beauty. The seventeen butterflies are dancing. Whose sadness, whose grudge, whose farewell, and whose prayer Are they carrying? Seventeen butterflies are dancing, Like seventeen name cards, handed to heaven. The cocoon of music quivers under the whips of a gusty wind, Twitching and twitching, delicate strands torn apart, making you feel some pain Whose heart can be so eroded by those seventeen butterflies? Whose heart can be So emptied as to pull out a thousand years of melodies, a thousand years of peach blossoms And then, with a thousand years of dust, is kneaded into flesh and blood? The seventeen butterflies are born of the same blood. Like flames from the same cluster of fire stone that spits crackling Burning voice, who is laughing? The flower, born out of death, is such poignant beauty. It sucks all weight from my confessions and leaves me ashamed. Dare me to mention those bygone days again. Oh tonight, I am cursed to be an insomniac! I am destined to be tortured and crushed by the seventeen butterflies. I only regret that it may be too late, perhaps too late to catch up. Tonight, seventeen butterflies will fly from my window I will knock my forehead and say, "Take me away with you." Tomorrow, I will redeem the love of my entire life.

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