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Zhang Wenjie


Zhang Wenjie, born in Xiantao, Hubei Province, China. Zhang began publishing poetry at Shi Kan (Poetry Journal) in 1987. He was announced as 2016 Poet of the Year by Shi Xuan Kan (Selected Poetry Journal). He has published a collection of poetry Who Possesses More Sunshine Than Me, and his poems have been frequently anthologized in contemporary Chinese poetry collections.


Yang Bingfeng


Yang Bingfeng, born in Yichang, Hubei Province, China. He is currently an English lecturer at China Three Gorges University. He holds a PhD in Humanities from The University of Texas at Dallas.


One Night in a Pear Orchard

你把那些无字的邮件发給我 我的邮箱依然是空的 春风触动一些不明的光 树枝的手,接过带静电的碎纸片 不等阳光醒来,旷野睁开许多细小的眼睛 暗香是身体,也是身体吐纳的气息 今夜,梨花打开自己 所有的事物也像梨花那样绽放 遇见是一种奢侈,错过则是浪费 你来了,夜晚加重时间的颜色 倘若不是夜黑 梨花也不会开的那么洁白 夜太轻,这云层里的飘浮 我是云朵的一半,另一半是你 夜晚的寂静轻轻摇晃,那枝头的梨花 因为颤抖,像热泪一样滑落 当大片的梨花脱离枝头 我感觉到一种无声的漫涌 黎明慢慢垂放白色帷帐 春宵太短,你我都是没有盛装睡眠的空杯 天空也是倒置的空杯 装满夜露的纯净 当清晨推开门 大地的床单,见证了一夜疯狂的洁白


My mail box is empty With the unlettered letters you sent me A breeze moves some unknown beams Like fingers, playing on the paper strips charged with electricity The tiny eyes open, before the sun rises Fragrant are the bodies, and the breaths going through the bodies Tonight the flowers open themselves In the orchard, everything is fully open To watch is a luxury, to blink lavishness You come, and paint the moment bright With your petals so white In this unspeakable darkness The night is light, the clouds are floating Half is you and half is me The darkness moves, and the flowers Tremble and fall like tears When they leave the boughs in flocks Something runs over me Up goes the pale curtain of dawn The night is ending. you and I are empty cups With no sleeps in, under the sky In an upside down cup full of nocturnal dews When the day opens the door The bed sheet on the land Tells how madly bright the night was

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