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An Qi


An Qi is the penname of Huang Jiang Bin. She was born in 1969 in Zhangzhou, Fujian. She is a member of China Writers' Association and has co-edited The Third Said, and Poetry Collection of the Middle Generation. She is the author of The Running Fence, You Cannot Imitate My Life, The Polar Region, and Notes of Feminist.


Jin Zhong


Jin Zhong, pen name of Jone Guo, born in Harbin, China in 1962. He got his master's degree in English and American literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1989. He lives in southern California.


The Door Cracked Open

雨后 突然亮起的阳光吵醒了你的睡眠 你起床,絮叨,赶走了我的枯思 这时我正坐在桌前 这时我正虚掩着门 这时我正祈祷诗之灵感从天而降 直落我身 雨后阳光 被雨洗过 比雨前更晃眼 你被阳光晃醒的脚步先于诗神 来到我面前 ——门为何虚掩? ——门虚掩是因为快递就要到了 门虚掩是因为诗神就要递来她的诗篇。


The rain is gone The sudden sunlight wakes you up with its voices You get up, complain You interrupt my dried out thoughts Now I am at my desk leaving the door cracked open and praying for inspirations to fall from the sky Right onto my body Sunlight Just showered by the rain Is more dazzling It wakes up your footsteps that reach me before Muse does ----why is the door cracked open? ----it's cracked open because express mail is coming It's cracked open because Muse is coming With her delivery of poetry

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