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Robert Creeley

Robert Creeley (May 21, 1926 – March 30, 2005) was an American poet and author of more than sixty books. He is usually associated with the Black Mountain poets, though his verse aesthetic diverged from that school's. He taught at the State University of New York, and later at Brown University. Creeley served as New York Poet Laureate (1989-1991), and was elected a Chancellor of the Academy American Poets in 1999. He received many honors, including the Lannan Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

罗伯特-克里利(Robert Creeley,1926-2005),美国诗人,60多本书的作者。通常被归入黑山诗人群,但其诗歌美学不尽相同。他先后执教於纽约州立大学和布朗大学,曾获多项荣誉,其中包括纽约州桂冠诗人,美国诗人学会会长,南兰终生成就奖。


Mario Li

Mario Li is an American Chinese, with interests in poetry, photography, arts, gaming, history and the future, residing in Nevada, USA.


For the Graduation [Bolinas School, 1971]
—— for Sarah

毕业 [波立纳斯,1971]

Pretension has it you can't get back what's gone by. Yet I don't believe it. The sky in this place stays here and the sun comes, or goes and comes again, on the same day. We live in a circle, older or younger, we go round and around on this earth. I was trying to remember what it was like at your age.


有人宣称, 你不可能 拿回 已经逝去了的。 但我不相信。 这个地方, 天空 依旧不变, 太阳 来了,去了 又来了, 就同一天。 我们生活在一个圈子里, 老的,少的, 转过去,转过来, 在同一个地球上。 我努力在回想, 在你这个年龄, 曾经 是怎么一个样。

For the Graduation [Bolinas, 1972]
—— for Kate

毕业 [波立纳斯,1972]

Round and round again, and up and down again—always these days do go by, and this one is yours to go by. This walking on and on, this going and coming— this morning shines such lovely light on all of us. We're home.


转了一圈 又一圈,上蹦 又下跳,从来 没有停过。 日子 过得真快, 这一个日子 是为你而过。 走啊,走啊, 走!来来 去去,这 整个早上 可爱的阳光 照在我们 所有人的身上。 我们到家了!

For the Graduation [Bolinas, 1973]

毕业 [波立纳斯,1973]

The honor of being human will stay constant. The earth, earth, water wet, sun shine. The world will be as ever round, and all yourselves will know it, on it, and around and around. No one knows what will happen. That is the happiness of the circle, finding you.


身为人类 这份荣耀 永恆不变 地球家园 土沃水润 阳光普照 环球世界 向来如此 你知我知 大家一起 身处其上 转了又转 没人知道 将有什么 就要发生 这就是幸福 转着圈子 来把你寻找

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