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Da Ke


Da Ke is the penname of Nie Shiqi, a member of the Tianjin Writers Association. He has published two books of poetry Miss the Wind and The Wind on the Footprints. His works have been published in literary journals, including Stars Poetry, Poetry Tide, Green Wind, Tianjin Literature.


Chen Guorong


Chen Guorong, is an English teacher. She is a member of Huainan City, Anhui Province Writers Association. Her works appeared in various publications.


Salt Lake

从来没看过 这么蓝的天,这么清澈的湖面 如果没有那只移动的鸟 不知道是站在青海的天空下 还是格尔木的盐湖上 湖里的盐 天上的云一样洁白 纯净的,就像童年那段好时光 在高原旷野的风里 自由摇曳


I have never seen Such a blue sky, so clear a lake If there is no bird moving I do not know I am standing under the Qinghai sky Or on Golmud's salt lake Salt in the lake As white as the clouds in the sky Pure, just like a happy childhood In the wild winds of the plateau Freely sway

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