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Qi Yue Ye Zi


Born in 1970s, Qi yue Yezi is a bilingual poet, writer and translator. She is the director of World Federation of Youth Literary Arts, a member of Translators Association of China and a member of ShanXi Writers Association. Her Chinese and English works have won numerous awards. She has published works in the major journals, including Workers' Daily, Journal Of Selected Poems, Poetry Tide. She is the author of book of poetry The Bright Morning Star, bilingual book of poetry The Spring Apple, and two translated works Seeking and The Last Pilgrim.


Qi Yue Ye Zi


From Now On

吞云,饮露,仰天长啸,方可方不可。 凝神,思过,不吃肥肉,惟命是从。 嫉恶如仇,爱人如己,斩断忧思。 我有冰雪肌肤,是敬,孰不可近。 从现在起, 唱一支山歌给壁虎: 告诉它屋檐险恶,尘世悲苦……


Swallowing clouds,drinking dew, tossing back my head and howling to the air, It is to be,or not to be. Meditating, repenting, eating no fatty meat It is nice to follow orders. Hating evil as a foe, Loving my neighbor as myself, Breaking all worries, I have snow white skin, which can be admired, but not touched. From now on, Sing a folk song to the gecko: Warn him of The dangers under the roof And the sorrows of this world...

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