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Tu Yingxue


Tu Yingxue, penname Bing Meng, member of Fujian Writers Association. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Periodical, Fujian Literature, Youth Tide, Strait Poet, etc. Her poems were also published in The Most Beautiful Chinese Love Poems, Anthology of Best Fujian Poems 2010-2011. Her book of poetry Dream of Ice was published in 2012.


Chen Yixiao


Chen Yixiao, resides in Shanghai, graduated from University of Birmingham in 2013.



这个时辰 秋天已瘦成手掌上的一片红叶 有寒风拂过 阳光虚弱地打了个寒噤 散了一地金亮的碎片 一朵花,开错了季节 慌忙逃离枝头 黯然飘落 而孤独的树木,在蓝天下 不敢伸展温柔的枝叶 一场风雪后 那些翠绿的梦 已纷纷结冰 不知下一个季节 在那片洁白的雪地上 是否会有一双脚印,自密林深处 蜿蜒而来


At this moment, Autumn has faded into a red leaf on the palm The cold wind blows The sunshine weakly shivers The golden leaves are scattered on the ground A flower has blossomed in the wrong season and hurriedly flees from the twig sadly falling away The lonely trees under the blue sky are afraid to stretch their gentle branches and leaves After a blizzard those green dreams freeze Wondering if there will be a pair of footprints winding from the deep woods in the white snow next season

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