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Xiao Xiao


Xiao Xiao is a poet and painter, the editor of The Special Issue of the Qinghai Poetry Festival. In 1993, she edited The Collected Works of the Pre-Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Post-Misty Poets, and The Collected Works of Contemporary Chinese Poetry Criticism. Her poetry collections include The Woman and Poems Under the Tree, and Time Standing on Its Tiptoes, among others. Her long poem, Elegy for Another World has been named by critics as a representative work of Chinese women poets from the 1990s. Her work has been translated into a number of languages. She is a recipient of an Exploring Poetry Award, and Achievements by A Poet in the Third Generation Award, A Wenchuan Outstanding Volunteer Award for assisting with earthquake relief, A Chinese Poetry Theater Award, the Wen Yiduo Poetry Award,etc.


Ouyang Yu


Only the Soul Possesses Nothing

越来越多的苦难开口 越来越多的谎言面如桃花,插满了耳朵 越来越多的假象从眼睛张开翅膀 越来越多的腐朽掐住黑暗的咽喉 越来越多的丑陋从肺腑,落井下石 越来越多的时尚在轻浮的罪孽中枝叶繁茂 越来越多的金币收割着神经的末梢 越来越多的苦果在嘴里交给悔恨 越来越多的阴影在胸前十面埋伏 越来越多的栋梁扭曲成微笑的麻木 越来越多的罪行滋润骨质疏松的黑手 越来越多的恶之花结果烂熳的毒瘤 越来越多的疼痛钻进每一个人的皮肉与骨血 越来越多的病毒增加着死亡的重量 唯有灵魂越来越轻,越来越轻 入肉


More and more suffering is opening its mouth More and more lies, with peach-flower faces, have grown ears More and more falsehoods sprout wings out of eyes More and more corruption is seizing darkness by the throat More and more ugliness is rubbing salt in the wounds More and more fashion is flourishing in flirting sin More and more money is reaping nerve endings More and more bitter fruit in the mouth is handed over to regrets More and more shadows wait to ambush around the chest More and more pillars of state are twisted into smiling numbness More and more crime are nourishing brittle black hands More and more fleurs du mal end up tumors of poison More and more pain is creeping into the bones and blood More and more viruses are adding to the weight of death Only the soul is becoming lighter, and becoming lighter enters the flesh


Many Years After

日子一天一天在流水中 打着水漂 有些约定本生就是泡影 有些爱注定用来辜负 用来转身 多年后,我头发花白 牙齿脱落 开满波斯菊的皱褶脸上 唯有眼睛依然透明 我独自一人,佩戴爱的首饰 怀着一颗转世的心 带着仓央嘉措的诗篇 登上开往布达拉宫的火车 某一天,在那个传说的 拉萨小酒馆里 某一个角落,坐着放下的我 海拔高处,夜晚打开 一瓶青稞酒 酥油灯的火苗 映在我淡定、平和的额头上 折射出岁月的坎坷 而我饱满的情绪回到 从前的那一个夜晚 也许我等待着一个人的来临 也许,也许,只为了仅仅 仅仅与一个灵魂对饮


Days in the flow of waters Like ducks and drakes being played Some dates themselves bubbles Some love, fated to fail To turn around Many years after, I, white-haired Teeth fallen A face filled with garden cosmos Except the eyes, still lucid I, alone, wearing the jewelry of love And a reincarnated heart Carrying poems by Sangs-Ryyas Rgyamtsho On board a train to the Potala One day, in a corner of that Legendary restaurant In Lhasa, I, the one who let go As the night approached, opened a bottle Of qingke barley wine from the plateau The flame in the yak butter lamp Reflected on my calm and peaceful forehead Refracting the ups and downs of the years As my full range of emotions returning To the night in the past Perhaps, I was waiting for someone to turn up Or, perhaps, I was merely sitting here, in order to drink With a soul

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