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Xiong Guotai


Xiong Guotai, born in Shang Rao County, Jiangxi Province, China, in 1960s. He is currently the Chair of the Department of Chinese Literature at Oujiang College and a visiting professor at the College of Music of Wenzhou University. He the author of three books of poetry, including Walking on the Snow, The Candle Holder, The Domain of the Lightning. He is also the chief editor of The Poetry Anthology of Nine Poets in Jiangxi. Xiong also devoted himself into lyrics writing, among which The Azure Youth is the most famous, selected as the anthem of the 14th university students' sports meet in Zhejiang Province.


Long Danni


Long Danni, born in Hunan Province, China. Graduated from Beijing University and earned her M.A at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Ode to the Cicada

要等到一树的露水悬于叶片 你才被允许趴在枝桠上 要等到露水透明了薄薄的蝉翼 你才可以在浓荫处静卧 现在的四月装饰过浓 晚春的繁华和落红刚刚撤到地面 你深知此刻还不能鸣叫 要等到天空的心情晴朗好转 要等到禾苗怀上无数的孩子 村民顶拜了案上的神龛 要等到浣衣女赤脚下水 你才能准备好清唱一生的新词 要等到毒日头突然间降临 你才会鼓起胸腔开唱 要等到苋菜、青椒和苦瓜摆上餐桌 你的歌声才会比屋顶更高 要等到秋霜白了草尖上的露珠 要等到九月宣告 ——整个夏天气数已尽 你才肯唱死自己,仅留一只空壳 而无论谁,命苦的或是 幸福的,只要给过你一滴露水 就能得到你回赠的歌谣 还有一个夏天的全部……寂静


When dewdrops hang from the leaves, And allow you to reston the branches; When dew turns your thin wings transparent, You can finally rest in the shade. You know it's not the time to call Until heaven soothes its tranquil soul, For now the bustling petals- the frills of April- fall upon the soil Until the seedlings grow pregnant with grains, The sowers prostrate themselves at the shrine, And the barefoot maids do their washing in the rill, you are not braced to sing a new, lifelong rhyme. When the sun's bright beams fierce, Bring amaranth, green pepper, and balsam pear to the table, You will now sing, With your song soaring higher than the roof. Only when autumn frost freezes dew on the leaves, September pronounces summer's decease, Will you sing yourself to death, Leaving only an empty shell. While whoever, cursed or blessed, To you a dewdrop provides Will be granted with your trill And a whole summer tranquil.

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