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Xue Ying


Xueying, a native of Huainan, Anhui Province, is currently the director of Hongtai Culture and Literature Project. He is a poet, writer and editor. His work has been published in Selected Chinese Poems of the New Century (Huacheng Edition), Chinese Poetry 2017, Chinese New Poetry of 2016 and 2017, Chinese online Poems 2016, etc. His works won many literary awards, including Ten Best Poets of the year in Modern Youth. He has published three books of poetry, including Song of Xueying, Under the White Dew, Wind Piercing Through Chest. He is member of the Chinese Poetry Society, member of Chinese Prose Society, member of Anhui Provincial Writer Association, Honorary Chairman of Huainan Poetry Society. He is Editor-in-Chief of Changhuai Classical Poems, Chang Huai Literary series, Hongtai Literary series, 100 Contemporary Chinese Poets, and Archives of Contemporary Chinese Poets, etc.


Qi Yue Ye Zi


Born in 1970s, Qi yue Yezi is a bilingual poet, writer and translator. She is the director of World Federation of Youth Literary Arts, a member of Translators Association of China and a member of ShanXi Writers Association. Her Chinese and English works have won numerous awards. She has published works in the major journals, including Workers' Daily, Journal Of Selected Poems, Poetry Tide. She is the author of book of poetry The Bright Morning Star, bilingual book of poetry The Spring Apple, and two translated works Seeking and The Last Pilgrim.



本质上是虚无的,但在 更多的时候,会将依托的树 绕死。你看到的只是朽木 包裹着鲜艳的藓 藤蔓此刻被电话打断 于是有一句素净的诗 凌霄花缠绕的树 永远低于她的颜色,就像水 也许只有等鱼 晾成了干,才知道 到底是谁养活了谁 谁修饰了谁 事实上,修辞的泛滥 正如道德的决口,将散落民间的 羞耻感,也冲得所剩无几


Essentially nothingness, but More often , the supporting tree is choked to death. What you see is only dead wood Wrapped in vivid moss The vines are interrupted by the phone at the moment So there you have a line of pure poetry A tree entwined in trumpet vines Is always less bright than its own color, just like water Maybe only when the fish are dead and dry,do they realize Who fed them and who decorated them In fact, the proliferation of rhetoric Like a moral breach, washes away the scattered shame Of the people, to almost nothing

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