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Gu Pin


Gupin is a native of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province. He's currently a member of Chinese Poetry Association, Deputy Chairman of Zhoushan Writers Association and editor of Islands. His poems have been published in a number of magazines including Poetry, Youth Literature, Stars and Chinese Poets, etc. He has published four literary books and his poems have appeared in various anthologies.


Qiao Guoyong


Qiao Guoyong, an English teacher at Lishui High School and a guest professor at Lishui University,a member of Zhejiang Writers Association, and now lives in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. His works appeared in a few major Chinese literary journals . He has published bilingual books of poetry, including Silent Home, Light of Buddha, and Sound of Sawing Wood.


I will …

我将丢弃干瘪的果子,把风中银杏 酿成一杯酒的深度,等待归来的兄弟 用长剑把灯芯全部挑亮 让你们的面具在光明中,生动。 我将藏起自已的愤怒,留下爱的路标 或者门牌,让上帝帮我找到我的女人 雨后丛林到处都是击碎的蘑菇 让你们的晚宴在旧报纸里,甜密。 我将透过斑驳的墙壁,将自已 投进遥远的海洋,从唇舌间释放水母 用岩石的骨架存放猎枪 让你们练习台风的摧残,强壮。


I will discard the dried-up fruits and brew a cup of hard liquor from ginkgo nuts in the wind to wait for my brothers' return and raise the wick of lamps with a sword to make your masks lively in light I will hide my anger and leave the road sign of love or the number plate to find my woman with help from God and make your banquet happier in old newspapers with broken mushrooms everywhere in the jungle after rain I will throw my body into the distant sea through the dappled wall release the jellyfish from lips and tongues and store a shotgun in a rocky skeleton to teach you how to ruin with the strength of typhoons

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