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He Jinxing


He Jinxing was born in Fuqing, Fujian in 1976. He is a member of Fujian Writers Association. His work appeared in Stars Poetry, Shanghai Poets, Fujian Literature and many others. He has published a book of poetry. He lives in Fuzhou.


Qin Dachuan


Blue-and-White Porcelain

在清代,有个传说 媚过青花瓷的狐妖 和书生,只能一夜的情思 只有它,不愠不火 胚釉里攒着青翠欲滴 它的白,端庄素雅 连极易逃逝的光也流连其间 谁能循着深深浅浅的花纹 找回少年游的轻狂 谜一样的身世 从来就离不开烈焰 颔首处,前朝的月色 如泣如诉 只是情到深处 隐在传家的陈设里,与你 抬眼相望 贞烈的瓷啊,欲语还休 要么静如处子 要么,以碎裂的方式决绝


In the Qing Dynasty, there was a story That a more attractive fox enchantress Hit it off with a student, but only a one night stand Yet it is Blue-and-White alone, without grudge or rush, That keeps luxuriant lushness in her inner part Her white color looks so demure and elegant That even the fleeting light lingers on there Who then, following her pattern thick and thin, Can find any frivolity of unruly youth An enigmatic birth like hers Is always inseparable from flaming fire Where she gazes down, there's the moonlight of yore Pathetic and touching It's only because her feeling is so very deep That she'd just make up a number in your heirlooms decor Looking at you blankly O, the virtuous and fearless Blue-and-White held back her words -- She'd either be reserved like a maid Or shatter by breaking herself into pieces

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