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Huo Junming

霍俊明,河北丰润人,现居北京。诗人、批评家、文学博士后。首都师范大学中国诗歌研究中心兼职研究员、中国现代文学馆首届客座研究员、特邀研究员。著有《转世的桃花——陈超评传》《尴尬的一代》《变动、修辞与想象》《新世纪诗歌精神考察》《从广场到地方》《萤火时代的闪电》《陌生人的悬崖》《无能的右手》《远方有大事发生》《70后批评家 霍俊明卷》《怀雪》《有些事物替我们说话》《二十世纪中国新诗理论史》等,编著《诗坛的引渡者》《青春诗会三十年诗选》《在巨冰倾斜的大地上行走》《百年新诗大典》等,主编“中国好诗”“天天诗历”“中国年度诗歌精选”。

A poet, critic, and scholar, Huo Junming was born in Hebei and now he is living in Beijing. He has published a dozen of books and collection of poems, including The Embarrassing Generation, Replacement, Rhetoric and Imagination, Poetic Spirits of the New Century, From the Square to the Local, Flash of an Firefly Era, Stranger's Cliff, Incompetent Righthand, An Event Occurred Far Away, Cherishing Snow, Some Things Speak for Us, and New Poetics of the Twentieth Century China. He also served as editor-in-chief for several collections of poems.


Edna Wu

武庆云是《云雨情:中国到美国回忆录》、《伊甸园里俩夏娃, 男妈妈》和《单一鸟》的作者。她的主要学术与翻译著作有:《中英乌托邦文学中的女权统治》(1996年《选择》杂志杰出学术著作)、《繁华梦:王筠传奇》《第三只眼》、《远方有个女儿国》等。她是加州州立大学中文教授。

Edna Wu is the author of Clouds & Rain: A China-to-America Memoir, Two Eves in the Garden of Eden & A Male Mother, and A Single-Winged Bird. Her major academic and translation publications include Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias (A 1996 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book), A Dream of Glory: A Chuanqi Play by Wang Yun, a novel about the Chinese People's Liberation Army: The Third Eye, and The Remote Country of Women. She is professor of Chinese at California State University, Los Angeles.


Pine Needles Are Another Kind of Time

仿佛一夜之间我们成了古人 空怀故人之心 罗汉松,不是罗汉的一种树 松针是另一种时间 不到片刻,它们已落满头顶 我们似乎已经没有地方可去 如果此刻在山中 可提前进入万籁的暮晚 你却害怕 那些突然出现的松鼠 它们跳得太快了 松针在此时也变得寂静


It seems that we have turned ancients overnight With the hearts of those long passed Lohan Pine, not a Buddha tree Pine needles are another kind of time In less than a moment, they have already covered our heads We seem to have no place to hide If we were in the mountain at this very moment We could step into the dusk of a vast void But you are afraid of those suddenly appearing squirrels that jump so fast Even Pine needles become silent


A Porridge Hermit

头发还没白 他在山中喝粥 已有三十年 天天如此 背后的山 刚好像一只倒扣的青碗 谁都明白 那种空 不可能被填满 胡须上夹杂着白米粒 长袍偶尔落上了鸟粪 一次次喝粥 一次次 空碗里尽是松针


His hair is not gray yet He has eaten porridge in the mountains For thirty years Every day Behind the mountain Shaped like an overturned green bowl Everyone understands That kind of emptiness is Impossible to fill With his beard dotted with white rice grains and His robe occasionally decorated with bird droppings He eats a bowl of porridge again and again Again and again The empty bowl fills with pine needles


Broken Chapter

白衣人在黑夜里 皮袍腐烂,僧人坐化 新雪压着旧雪 新瓦盖着旧檐 雪只在早晨降落 群山高耸 世人却只目睹了孤峰 花里是否有神 谁都不说 死去的人都没有厚被子


A figure wrapped in white against the dark night His robe rots, the monk slips into nirvana New snow presses upon old snow New tiles cover old eaves Snow only falls in the morning Surrounded by high mountains The worldly only witnesses a lonely peak Are there gods in the flowers? No one said a word None of the dead is given a comforter

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