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Jack Foley

Jack Foley(1940-): The Most Active Post-Beat Poet in the West Coast.His career as a poet is unique because it has always involved performance, specifically the presentation of "multivoiced" pieces written by Foley but performed by both Foley and his wife Adelle Foley (1940-2016). Since 1988, Foley has also hosted a show of interviews and poetry presentations on Berkeley radio station KPFA.



Ziqing Zhang


Ziqing Zhang is professor of Institute of Foreign Literature, Nanjing University, Nanjing, guest research Fellow of Chinese American Literature Research Center, Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Beijing. He was a visiting scholar as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University from 1982 to 1983 and Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University and The University of California at Berkeley from 1993 to 1994. His works include A History of 20th Century American Poetry (1995, 1997), Selected Poems of T.S.Eliot (1985), Selected American Poems (1993) and Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes (1998). He has co-authored Two Sides of the Globe: Contemporary Chinese and American Literatures and Their Comparison (1993) and On American New Pastoral Poems (2006). He has received many awards including The First Prize of Humanities Research Science Foundation of Nanjing University in 1998.



"City of Palms," said the Romans. Tadmor, "City of Dates," say the locals. One of the world's great historical sites, Roman ruins better preserved than in Rome. As we drove there, our driver, Abu-Hani ("Father of Hani," one of various names he took) Remarked that the border between Syria and Lebanon Kept shifting: "You drive along the same road And sometimes you are in Syria and Sometimes you are in Lebanon." He made a remark about an "earthquake." I thought he meant what we had in California. "This earthquake," he explained, "Was made by Israel."


"棕榈之城,"罗马人说。 泰德穆尔; "日期之城",当地人说。 世界上最伟大的历史遗迹之一, 这里的罗马废墟保存得比在罗马还好。 当我们开车去那里时,我们的司机阿布-哈尼 ("哈尼之父",他取的多种不同的名字之一) 说叙利亚和黎巴嫩之间的边界 不停地变换:"你沿着 同一条路行驶,有时你在 叙利亚,有时你在黎巴嫩。" 他谈到了"地震"。我以为 他指的是我们在加州的那种地震。 "这个地震,"他解释说, "是由以色列造成。"

The Great Ummayyad Mosque,


Created because of the Caliph Khaled ibn al-Walid's desire To empower the image of his city with "a mosque The equal of which was never designed By anyone before me or anyone after me." The site was once associated with the Aramaean god, Hadad, With the Roman god, Jupiter, Even with the Christians: A basilica, said to contain the head of John the Baptist, Is housed there: The casket containing the head can still be seen. "It's like a cathedral," my son remarked accurately. In the great spaciousness of the prayer hall, People prayed, walked, held classes…


因哈立德-伊本-瓦利德哈里发的欲望 而造,这是赋予他的城市形象的"一座 前无古人后无来者可比的清真寺。" 该遗址曾与阿拉姆神哈达德有关, 与罗马众神之王朱庇特, 甚至与基督徒有关: 一座大殿据说里面藏有施洗的约翰头颅: 装着他头颅的棺材依然可见。 "就像一座大教堂,"我的儿子准确地说。 在宽敞的祈祷大厅里, 人们祈祷、行走、授课……

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