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Lan Ye

蓝野,原名徐现彬,山东莒县人,1968年1月出生。出版过诗集《回音书》(21世纪文学之星丛书2005年卷,作家出版社)、《故乡与星空》(台湾,文史哲出版社)、《浅妄书》(中国青年出版社,中国好诗第三季)。曾获《诗歌月刊》“全国十佳青年诗歌编辑”奖、首届泰山文艺奖、《诗选刊》第三届“中国最佳诗歌编辑奖” 、华文青年诗人奖、宋庄艺术村年度优秀诗人奖、《青年文学》年度诗歌奖、中国作家出版集团优秀编辑奖等。中国作家协会会员。任职于《诗刊》社。

Lan Ye was born in Shangdong in 1968, originally Xu Xianbin. He is a member of China Writers Association and has published a number of books of poetry. He has received a few national poetry awards. He works at Poetry Periodical.


Qi Yue Ye Zi


Born in 1970s, Qi yue Yezi is a bilingual poet, writer and translator. She is the director of World Federation of Youth Literary Arts, a member of Translators Association of China and a member of ShaanXi Writers Association. Her Chinese and English works have won numerous awards. She has published works in the major journals, including Workers' Daily, Journal Of Selected Poems, Poetry Tide. She is the author of book of poetry The Bright Morning Star, bilingual book of poetry The Spring Apple, and two translated works Seeking and The Last Pilgrim.



一位怀孕的女人登上公共汽车 扶好车门里侧的立杆后 对着整个车厢,她很快地瞥了一眼 她那么得意 像怀了王子 她的骄傲和柔情交织的一眼 似乎整个车厢里的人,都是她的孩子 车微微颠簸了一下 我,我们,和每一丝空气 都心惊肉跳地惊呼了 ——道路真的应该修得平坦一些 ——汽车真的应该行驶得缓慢一点 很多母亲正在出门,正在回家 正怀抱着世界,甜蜜而小心


An Expectant mother got on the bus supporting herself by the pole behind the door She quickly glanced at the whole bus load of passengers so proud as if She was pregnant with a prince Revealing her pride and tenderness As if everyone in the carriage were her child. The car jolted slightly Everyone and every strand of air Were shocked and alarmed - The road should really be more smooth and even - The car should really be driving more slowly Many mothers are going out and coming home holding the world in their bosoms, sweet and careful

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