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Shang Zhen


Shang Zhen was born in Yingko, Liaoning Province. He has published two books of poetry: Lonely Smoke of Desert and Queue Up without Order. He also published a book of prose: Notes of San Yu Tang. He works as an editor and lives in Beijing.


Edna Wu

武庆云是《云雨情:中国到美国回忆录》、《伊甸园里俩夏娃, 男妈妈》和《单一鸟》的作者。她的主要学术与翻译著作有:《中英乌托邦文学中的女权统治》(1996年《选择》杂志杰出学术著作)、《繁华梦:王筠传奇》《第三只眼》、《远方有个女儿国》等。她是加州州立大学中文教授。

Edna Wu is the author of Clouds & Rain: A China-to-America Memoir, Two Eves in the Garden of Eden & A Male Mother, and A Single-Winged Bird. Her major academic and translation publications include Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias (A 1996 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book), A Dream of Glory: A Chuanqi Play by Wang Yun, a novel about the Chinese People's Liberation Army: The Third Eye, and The Remote Country of Women. She is professor of Chinese at California State University, Los Angeles.



月亮飘向远方 乌云与夜媾和 我的全身被涂满黑色 天地间不再有路 也没有方向 黑夜有巨大的胃 我的思绪是一块石头 在夜里只有重量 没有形状 对付黑夜 要用一个清白的我加一个黑色的我 一颗善良的人心和一颗野兽的贪心 当黑风吹灭所有的词语 我心底藏着的阴暗 正在上升 并且比夜还黑


Moon drifts into the distance Dark clouds and the night negotiate through intercourse My body is completely painted in black There is no longer a path between heaven and earth There are no directions The night is but a huge stomach My thoughts are a stone that Only has weight inside the night But no shapes To stand against the night I must rally the innocent me as well as the blackened me A good human heart with the greed of a beast When the black wind blows out all my words The darkness hidden in my heart Will arise And it will be darker than the night



我的生活 一直像在吊床上 吊床的一端系着太阳 另一端拴着月亮 日升月落 月升日落 我就被日月 没完没了地忽悠着 更多的时候 是被日月反复地推搡 让我的生活 像荡秋千


My life is Always like a hammock One end tied to the sun and The other end held by the moon The sun rises while the moon sets The moon rises while the sun sets I am swayed by the sun and the moon Endlessly Many times It is the passage of the sun and moon that pulls and pushes me Rocking my life Like a swing

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