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Xu Nanpeng


Xu Nanpeng, a native of Dehua, Fujian Province, researcher. Since 1986, he has published books of poetry, including Peach Blossoms in the City, The Bright Earth, Boundless Stars, The Great Compassion Mantra, I See, and collected work of Five Storied Pagoda, The Vicissitudinous Road, The Great Wind Over Peaks. He has attended the 20th Youth Poetry Conference and has received Shi Xuegai Poetry Award, Poetry Monthly Annual Award, etc. He lives in Beijing.


Shelley Kristina Hu

雪莉-克里斯蒂娜-胡, 芝加哥风城诗社社长, 芝加哥国际诗歌节主席, 曾任中国电子杂志《诗词世界》专栏编辑, 她的诗作入选《2016最佳中国诗歌》 《蒸馏生活》《世界诗歌文学》等集。现居芝加哥北郊。

Shelley Kristina Hu, President of Windy City Poet Association, President of Chicago International Poetry and Culture Conference. Her work has been selected in poetry collections such as The Best Chinese Poetry 2016, Distilled Lives, and World Poetry Literature. She lives in Northbrook, Illinois.


They All Came Back

他们都回来了,一个也 没有少。鸟鸣回到山涧 嫩芽回到树梢 柳树、杨树和白桦 得到他自己。桃花得到胭脂、 镜面。多年前溺水的少年 从潭里拖起湿淋淋的影子 站在空茫的村口怅望。 我站在潭柘寺门口,什么也阻止不了 菩提再向上长一寸,香再向下烧一寸 它们循着各自的秩序 袈裟分别回到云的身躯和风的身躯 一颗凡心,动一下,又动一下 却忘记该置身何处


They all came back, no one Was left behind. Birds' singing back to the mountain stream Buds back to the treetops Willow, poplar and white birch Got themselves back. Peach blossoms got rouge, Mirror. The teenager drowned years ago Dragged the damp shadow out of the pond Stood at the empty edge of the village looking around melancholy I stood in front of Tanzhe Temple, nothing could stop the Limetree up one inch, and the incense down one inch They followed their own orders The robes returned respectively to the bodies of the cloud and the wind A mundane heart, moved a little, and moved a little again But forgot where to put it

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